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2007 & 2008

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may 17, 2008:
abdullah khadr
guantanamo bay camp

may 16, 2008:
eric mcdavid

may 8, 2008:
simon trinidad
shawn brant
omar khadr
sami al-arian

may 3, 2008:
guantanamo detainee sami al-haj released to sudan

april 24, 2008:
debbie sims africa, jeanene phillips africa, janet hollaway africa of the move 9 were denied parole
the ki six
flavio sosa, a noted leader of the oaxaca uprising, was released from jail in mexico; arrested december 2006 and charged with kidnapping, robbery, and various acts of violence he was convicted of nothing ("leader in oaxaca protests freed," ap, april 19. 2008, my way; "2006 oaxaca uprising leader released from mexico jail," leslie schulman, april 23, 2008, jurist).
the guantanamo camp

april 15, 2008:
four of those called the "toronto 18"

april 11, 2008:
omar khadr

april 9, 2008:
chief donny morris, head councillor cecilia begg, deputy chief jack mckay and three other councillors of the ki band
shawn brant

march 31, 2008:
juvenal ovidio ricardo palmero pineda
anayibe rojas valderrama

march 30, 2008:
louis vitale
steve kelly

march 29, 2008:
mumia abu-jamal

march 27, 2008:
concerning 18 people in toronto
omar khadr

march 22, 2008:
omar khadr

march 18, 2008:
omar khadr

march 16, 2008:
omar khadr

march 10, 2008:
briana waters
sundiata acoli
assata shakur
tre arrow
eric mcdavid
the move nine
sami al-arian

march 7, 2008:
jeff luers, sentence reduced

february 25, 2008:
canadian security certificates update
15 men in toronto
momin khawaja
omar khadr

february 21, 2008:
momin khawaja is held in prison in ottawa without trial and is becoming a political prisoner through the legal system's handling of his case....ed.
bob lovelace
mohammed al-qahtani, ramzi bin al-shibh, mustafa ahmed al-hawsawi,
      ali abd al-aziz , walid bin attash, khalid sheikh mohammed (guantanamo).
james blanks, jeffrey gauntt, andrew hegerty,  held in mannheim military prison, germany.
for a list of resisters in military prisons see u.s. war heroes of the iraq war at (outside link).

february 5, 2008:
the san francisco 8
siddique abdullah hasan (ohio death row)

~ the u.s. remains the only north american country legalizing a death penalty
omar khadr (guantanamo)
abdul hamid-al-ghizzawi (guantanamo)

january 24, 2008:
jose padilla,   adham amin hassoun,   kifah wael jayyousi.

january 19, 2008:
mohamed mansour jabarah,  a canadian, was convicted in secret and sentenced in new york to life in prison; maybe he's innocent.

january 18, 2008:
eric mcdavid

january 17, 2008:
omar khadr (guantanamo)
sami al haj (guantanamo) no change in urgent status.
jeff luers ~ friends of jeff luers say that his most recently scheduled hearing for resentencing, to be held january 15th, was once again postponedand with no sure date rescheduled ("status hearing canceled today," jan. 15, 2008,
      toronto: a problem was noted by 30 black correctional workers who briefly walked out of the don jail january 16th; the workers, tired of the racism and death threats, want protection on the job and on their way to their cars; particular death threats against women employees are cited in the toronto star article; another 80 correctional employees - at toronto's west detention centre walked out at six-thirty a..m., the same day over management misuse of the surveillance equipment ("don jail guards return to work," curtis rush, josh wingrove, jan. 16, 2008, the toronto star).




december 23, 2007:
'the toronto 18'

december 10, 2007:
imam jamil abdullah al-amin
john graham
rafiq sabir
abdelhaleem ashqar

november 11, 2007:
mumia abu-jamal
'the toronto 18'
1rst lt. ehren watada
omar khadr

october 25, 2007:
fr. steve kelly & fr. louis vitale

october 14, 2007:
adil charkaoui
guantanamo camp

october 6, 2007:
ehren watada... a civilian court judge says no to double jeopardy...
hassan almrei... remains in prison desite the supreme court ruling...
guantanamo camp...a military judge reverses his decision...

october 4, 2007:
angola 3
ehren watada
guantanamo camp
          usa: the new york times reports that the justice department issued secret opinions allowing torture by the c.i.a.; the secret opinions of 2005 covered the use of torture techniques such as “enhanced interrogation techniques" and others, which remain in effect("secret u.s. endorsement of severe interrogations," scott shane, david johnston, james risen, oct. 4, 2007, the new york times); since use of torture is known to be ineffective it is used against the entire community of people including the average citizen, as a threat.

september 22, 2007:
gabriel alberto cruz sanchez and edmundo reyes, guides of mexico's e.p.r. are thought held by mexican authorities who deny arresting them
guantanamo camp

september 14, 2007:
sami al-haj

august 26, 2007:
jonathan paul
the five
al salh kahlah al-marri
jose padilla
omar khadr
adil charkaoui

august 17, 2007:
the case of maher arar.
          abdullah almalki, ahmad el maati, muayyed nureddin.
jose padilla ,
          adham amin hassoun and kifah wael jayyousi.

august 16, 2007:
dr. rafil dhafir .
'the toronto 18'.
mark wilkerson.
agustin aguayo.
hassan almrei.

august 12, 2007:
in canada august 10th was prisoners justice day; the canadian tradition started in 1975 when millhaven prisoners went on a food and work strike in tribute to a prisoner who died in solitary; on the same day shawn brant appeared in court for another bail hearing in charges from the highway blockade june 29th; bail was denied ("important events: prisoner justice day," email, aug. 7, 2007,ocap; "aboriginal protester brant denied bail,"canadian press, aug. 10, 2007, the toronto star).

july 19, 2007:
shawn brant.

july 12, 2007:
edmundo reyes amaya, raymundo rivera bravo, unverified political prisoners taken in oaxaca mexico; release requested by the peoples revolutionary army as reported by the associated press july 11th: the mexican government claims they are not in detention; see bulletins; on june 25th, a letter signed by about seventy (mostly groups), protesting the militarization of mexico - continuing programs from the sixties, criminalization of social protest, and arrest of activists, called for the freeing of both men ("denouncement demanding the presentation of raymundo rivera bravo and edmundo reyes amaya, members of the pdpr-epr," june 25, 2007, casa: colectivos de apoyo, solidaridad y acción).
john graham.

july 11, 2007:
ehren watada.

july 1, 2007:
omar khadr.

june 15, 2007:
dr. rafil dhafir; two prisoners have already died in the new "communications management unit" for muslims at terre haute indiana.

june 13, 2007:
ali saleh kahlah al marri.

june 9, 2007:
suzanne savoie.
kendall tankersley.
nathan block.
joyanna zacher.
daniel mcgowan.

june 5, 2005:
guantanamo camp; the detainees of guantanamo are of concern here because:
1. there is correlation between their political alliances and their incarcerations;
2. they had access to u.s. law and u.s courts until that was removed by political acts of the u.s. congress and president;
3. their rights under the geneva conventions were/are denied when it is the responsibility of government and the military to uphold these rights;
4. because they are under the authority of the u.s. military they might correctly be considered "alleged prisoners of war," yet many have proven to be entirely innocent and released, so asfalsely accused, imprisoned civilians they were "political prisoners."

june 2, 2007:
darren thurston.
chelsea gerlach.

june 1, 2007:
guantanamo camp
the united nations o.h.c.h.r. special rapporteur's preliminary report, summary .

may 26, 2007:
the "u.s. entry" of the amnesty international report 2007 [access may 24, 2007: ""]notes "police brutality and ill-treatment in detention facilities in the usa," 70 deaths by police tasers, 53 people executed, the cases of al-marri and padilla, 'secret renditions' among other violations of law, and guantanamo bay camp.

may 25, 2007:
stanislaus meyerhoff.
kevin tubbs.
daniel mcgowan.

may 20, 2007:
lt. cmdr. matthew m. diaz .

may 19, 2007:
u.s. environment activists.
betty krawczyk.
harriet nahanee.

may 18, 2007:
john graham.
lt. cmdr. matthew m. diaz .
jose padilla .
mumia abu-jamal.
agustin aguayo.
hassan almrei.
democracy now! reveals that a human rights official of the united nations was denied entry to two facilities holding immigrant detainees: hutto, in taylor texas, and monmouth county correctional institution in new jersey.the hutto facility is said to be holding about 200 immigrant children ("un official blocked from visiting nj immigration jail," amy goodman, may 16, 2007, democracy now!).

may 13, 2007:
hassan almrei.

may12, 2007:
hassan almrei.
mohamed harkat.

may 11, 2007:
hr. 2212.
s. 1249.
'toronto 18'.
omar khadr.
abdullah khadr.

april 27, 2007:
omar khadr.

april 22, 2007:
agustin aguayo, released.
adil charkaoui.

april 17, 2007:
********[name temporarily withheld].

april 14, 2007:
mohamed zeki mahjoub was let out of prison april 12, 2007.
mahmoud jaballah was released april 13, 2007.
federal guards charged in nyc abuse of detainees.

april 13, 2007:
in fiscal 2006 , 3196 soldiers deserted the u.s. military; in 2007 soldiers are deserting at an increased rate of 8% (u.s. army prosecutions of desertion rise sharply," paul von zielbauer, april 8, 2007, international herald tribune); if caught and charged these men and women should be recognized as political prisoners. - ed...

april 5, 2007:
guantanamo bay camp.
josh wolf.

march 26, 2007:
guantanamo bay camp
jose padilla.
james elshafay.
sami al-arian.
ehsanul islam sadequee.
syed haris ahmed .
"the toronto 18" : in canada the globe and mail has assessed the identity of the second planted informant in the toronto 18 case; the case is notable not so much for the accused muslims' alleged plans to commit crimes, but for mounting evidence of very highly paid informants and entrapment of innocent people.

march 8, 2007:
ehren watada.
agustin aguayo.
gary tyler.
mahmoud jaballah.

february 23, 2007:
canada: by a 9 to 0 decision the supreme court of canada has found imprisonment
without trial illegal, overturning current application of the canadian security certificates and directly
affecting the cases of hassan almrei,mohamed harkat, adil charkaoui, and as well mahmoud jaballah
and mohammad mahjoub, in a victory for charter rights, for human rights.
u.s.: the san francisco 8.

february 21, 2007:
agustin aguayo.
(ongoing) february 21, 2007, u.s.: 26000 undocumented immigrants are currently detained in the u.s., many without legal representation ("report: record number of undocumented immigrants jailed in u.s.," amy goodman, feb. 19, 2007, democracy now!).

february 19, 2007:
trevor miller.

february 17, 2007:
dr. sami al-arian urgent.
dr. rafil dhafir.

february 16, 2007:
mohammad mahjoub .
jeffrey michael luers.

february 11, 2007, mexico:
flavio sosa, a recognized appo (oaxaca) activist.
oscar santa maria caro, 20, oaxaca, with the movement since it started, and sacramento delfino cano hernandez, 29, state of mexico, philosophy student at the national autonomous university of mexico,both arrested in oaxaca nov. 30, 2007, interrogated, beaten, jailed, tortured, these men are reported as under police death threat("mexico, freedom for anarchist prisoners in oaxaca! freedom for oscar and sacramento!" por el love and resistance, jan . 25, 2007 nyc independent media center; see also [access :]); for notes about the movement in oaxaca, bulletin archives, several entries for november 2006; for a note on mexico's dealing with protest, genocide warning archives.

february 8, 2007:
josh wolf, new.
dr. sami al-arian.
new york three, new.
herman bell, ray boudreaux, richard brown, henry w. jones, jalil muntaqim, richard o'neal, harold taylor, francisco torres, ~ new.
eric mcdavid, new.
ehren watada.

february 5, 2007:
the toronto 18, new.
dr. rafil dhafir.

january 28, 2007:
dr. sami al-arian.
jose padilla.
maher arar.
arlel j. weinmann.

january 24, 2007:
three canadian security certificate detainees at "guantanamo north" remain on hunger strike; urgent ; medical alert.

january 19, 2007:
re: ali saleh kahlah al-marri, deprivation of rights continues.
ehren watada, new.
(ongoing) california: england's the guardian reveals the following information about current u.s. prison practices: at pelican bay 1200 are held in the isolation wing cells resulting in 10% of the facility's inmates filling the psychiatric ward which can't service demand; the primary result of prolonged solitary confinement (25,000 in the u.s.) is memory erasing (source: "routine and systematic torture is at the heart of america's war on terror," george monbiot, dec. 12, 2006, the guardian).

january 13, 2007:
u.s. army spc. agustin aguayo new.

january 10, 2007:
shahawar matin siraj, new.
ariel j. weinmann, new.
lt. commander matthew diaz, new.

january 9, 2007:
dr.rafil dhafir.
sacred earth plowshares.






(ongoing) may 12, 2006 new york city: irish who have overstayed their visas, as well as those who have helped are currently noted as a preferred choice for immigration roundups by the department of homeland security ("'kapo chertoff's' new enemies: irish bartenders in new york city," madsen, may 10, 2006, news / wayne madsen report).

(ongoing) august 10, 2005, u.s. : according to democracy now a justice department report claims 8000 reported (possibly a small percentage of the total) incidents of rape or other sexual abuse of those incarcerated in the u.s. in 2004; of these, 42% alleged jailor abuse of inmate, and 37% - forced sex by prisoners ("8000 incidents of prison rape and sexual abuse reported," aug. 1, 2005, democracy now); prison personnel and wardens responsible should be held accountable to geneva accords if domestic laws do not protect prisoners; prisoners forcing sex should also be held accountable; both prison and justice system overlook this aspect of imprisonment, to dehumanize, terrorize and control prisoners, and subject the general population to fear of prison and convicts; nonconsensual sex in prison remains a threat against all americans, since arbitrary arrest, false charges and secret trials, can place anyone in prison; the threat contributes to controls on american intellectuals and may help explain why so many accept u.s. war crimes in silence.

(ongoing) june 12, 2005, ontario: the john howard society of ontario notes that 64% of prisoners in ontario are held on "remand," - they haven't been found guilty of a crime but are waiting for a bail hearing or if denied bail or without, for trial; the status can last from days to years (june 2005 fundraising mailing, osmok, the john howard society of ontario, toronto canada).

(ongoing) feb. 11, 2005, link to "alerts" at the jericho movement.



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