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innocent, or guilty of refusing injustice
political prisoners in north america

political prisoners

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archives 2004-2008

a war on the poor
muslims and defenders
a new campaign
guantanamo 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007   &   2008
canadian security certificates
sacred earth and space plowshares
wmd here plowshares
serving community
cuban five
ohio seven
move nine
environment & animal rights
lucasville five


noel maguire
the national jericho movement
kersplebedeb ~ political prisoners
campaign to stop secret trials in canada
cage (u.k.) formerly cageprisoners.
certain days
dhafir trial
justice for mohamed harkat
school of the americas watch
the nuclear resister
prison abolitionist
arizona prison watch

night's lantern began postings on political prisoners in january 2004, extending an awareness of international law to concern for political prisoners threatened after 9/11 and those deprived of rights in "the war on terror"; by mid 2008 other sites were better informed with greater resources; this page was taken down in may 2008, then reposted as an archive; subsequent entries appear throughout suppressed news, and are periodically indexed above for access; this effort is by nature incomplete; if incorrect or counter to efforts of support groups, email

free all political prisoners 


gerald and maas night's lantern
by j.b.gerald
updated 7 october 2017