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There will be more poetry

There will be more poetry
  Because the Truth
Is like a giant wave
  Or a flying horse...

Because ascending over boundaries
  Of time and prison bars,
I can contemplate
  How flowers blooms,

Because far away
  My solitary pain
Can transform itself
  Into a bird, singing a song...

Because I can still remember
  The perfume and color
Of that brief morning
  Of my last good-bye.

Because to keep alive
  More than what God could make
It is important to me
  What you and I can make.

Because as a whisper,
  As a volcano with a voice,
Inspiration within me
  Lifts, grows and burns...

Because without freedom,
  I have something better...
That agitates ideas
  From my soul to my heart
Something that in the struggle
  Of light and Truth
Anoints me as the real Winner

I have what engenders real harmony
I have love!


antonio guerrero was born to cuban immigrants in miami, 1958; with the success of the cuban revolution the family returned to cuba in 1959; he became an aeronautical engineer; he is one of "the cuban five," concerned with threats to their homeland from cuban extremist groups in the u.s.; when arrested in florida in 1998 each of the five was held in solitary confinement for 17 months before trial; convicted on conspiracy charges, they currently serve time in separate prisons: gerardo hernández - two life sentences, ramón labañino - 30 years, antonio guerrero - 20 years 10 months, fernando gonzáles - 18 years, rené gonzáles - 15 years; nightslantern political prisoners pages first noted their arrest and imprisonment on may 31, 2005; previous  1 and  2.



poem, permission of antonio guerrero
no commercial uses
gerald and maas night's lantern
16 september 2011