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"avant les grands désastres les hommes n'auront rien dit..." réné tavernier

1995 -2005

historical note:
in israel forty thousand holocaust survivors live in poverty ("many holocaust survivors living in poverty in israel," dec. 29, 2005, cbc news).

december 24, 2005, u.s.: president bush has used"counter-terrorism" personnel to monitor u.s. activist groups focused on the environment, peace, and anti-poverty concerns ("f.b.i. watched activist groups, new files show," lichtblau, dec. 20, 2005, new york times); he has authorized the national security agency to spy on u.s. citizens among others, without requiring warrants; under this mandate active duty military personnel have engaged in actions against u.s. civilians; usually u.s. government spying requires warrants granted by the f.i.s.a. (foreign intelligence surveillance act), a perfunctory mechanism intended to provide people with civil rights, constitutional rights and human rights; the new york times hid the crime for a year under pretext of "national security;" senator daschle recently stated that bush was specifically denied use of war powers domestically while the justice department claims "national security"takes priority over the law (sources: "bush authorized domestic spying," eggen, dec. 16, 2005, the washington post; "an impeachable offense ? bush admits authorizing nsa to eavesdrop on americans without court approval," goodman, dec. 19, 2005, democracy now!; "daschle: congress denied bush war powers in u.s.," gellman, dec. 23, 2005, the washington post; "white house issues letter justifying domestic spying," associated press, dec. 23, 2005, washington times).

        in the most recent application of the patriot act to american citizens, over twelve f.b.i. agents spent more than seven hours searching the premises of the catalyst infoshop / bookstore in prescott arizona, after the arrest of co-founder/owner bill rodgers ("statement from friends of the catalyst," by friends of the catalyst, dec. 10, 2005, arizona indymedia); rodgers was arrested for alleged environmental actions, in the arson of an olympia washington national wildlife research laboratory in 1998, with charges of up to twenty years in prison and a quarter of a million dollar fine ("arraignment update from flagstaff," by matewan, dec. 8, 2005, arizona indymedia; "corporate news," dec.8, 2005, johnson, associated press); awaiting extradition to washington he was found dead in his single person cell suffocated by a plastic bag ("suspect in ecoterror case found dead," associated press dec. 22, 2005, denver post; "jailed environmental activist bill rodgers dead of apparent suicide," goodman, dec. 23, 2005, democracy now!).

december 16, 2005: u.s. president bush has acceded in principle to senator mccain's refusal to legitimize torture, taking one step in returning u.s. practice to limits clarified by international law and signed treaties ("white house bows to pressure over torture of prisoners," cornwell, dec. 16, 2005, the independent online u.k.; "mccain's torture ban finally sways bush," reynolds and miller, dec. 15, 2005, l.a.times); torture dehumanizes its victims in ways which are historically often accompanied by crimes against entire civilian populations or ethnic, national/ religious groups; it's unclear whether a ban on torture will affect two million prisoners currently detained or in custody within the u.s.; ie. see november 5, 2005, virginia; concerning "cruel and unusual punishment," see the treatment and sentencing of north american political prisoners, and urgent) - ed..

     as many as 6600 people may still be missing in the aftermath of katrina; 1300 are children; the official death toll is 1300 (source: "how many are missing and dead after katrina? three months after the hurricane, the numbers are still unknown," goodman, dec. 9, 2005, democracy now); with the poor dispersed or absent, the u.s. president announced december 15, three billion dollars for levee building to make new orleans habitable/safe (announcement source: "u.s. to spend 3 bin on new orleans levees," bohan, dec. 15, 2005, reuters); the lack of media follow up on disposition of american refugees reflects a systemic embarrassment with the existence of poor people.

historical note:
     how many people do you have to kill before you qualify to be described as a mass murderer and a war criminal? one hundred thousand? more than enough, i would have thought. therefore it is just that bush and blair be arraigned before the international criminal court of justice.... [ pinter points out bush doesn't accept the i.c.c.j.]

      i believe that despite the enormous odds which exist, unflinching, unswerving, fierce intellectual determination, as citizens, to define the real truth of our lives and our societies is a crucial obligation which devolves upon us all. it is in fact mandatory.

- from harold pinter, "art truth and politics," dec. 8, 2005, "nobel acceptance speech," the guardian, u.k..

december 9, 2005: u.n. human rights commissioner louise arbour has condemned secret detention centres (a form of torture) and rendition of suspects outside of legal channels; she insists emergencies do not justify torture, and tactfully questions u.s. moral authority ("un calls torture ban a casualty of war on terror," trotta, dec. 7, 2005, reuters foundation alert net).

    25 americans of faith are walking along a cuban road to spend international human rights day, december 10th, at the guantanamo torture camp; guantanamo updates.

    on international human rights day, december 10th, there is a rally, parliament hill, ottawa, one o'clock; stop secret trials in canada, abolish security certificates, no deportation to torture, let them go or give them fair trials; see justice for mohamed harkat at; see canadian security certificates.

    evidence obtained by torture is illegal, according to britain's highest court, the house of lords seven law lords; the associated press dispatch mentions that english law has made torture a crime in england since 1640... ("british court rules against evidence gained in torture," associated press, dec. 8, 2005, the new york times); britain's house of lords is holding to human decency (see dec. 19, 2004 ).

december 1, 2005, we're posting "united states of america v rafil a. dhafir:individual responsibility and complicity," by katherine hughes [temporary]; for more on the persecution of dr. dhafir, an american doctor who tried to feed the children of iraq, see dhafir trial [access:< >]; see also our north american political prisoners: dr. rafil dhafir.

november 23, 2005, ottawa: publication of river with lights, poems by john bart gerald; with drawings by julie maas; gerald and maas, editions/atelier, pb, isbn 0-9731090-1-7.

november 22, 2005, memphis: on nov. 18, 2005, a jury held colonel nicholas carranza responsible for torture and for killings in el salvador, in 1980 while he was vice minister of defense; he was ordered to pay half a milllion dollars to each of four accusers, and four million in punitive damages, and the case of one accuser is still to be processed; a resident of memphis since 1985 carranza had found work as a security guard in an art museum; his crimes were committed while he was a c.i.a. informant/employee ("when a wave of torture and murder staggered a small u.s. ally, truth was a casualty," cohn and thompson, june 11, 1995, baltimore sun; "el salvador: col.nicolas carranza," background, current, the center for justice & accountability, access:; "jury finds memphis resident responsible for human rights abuses in el salvador," press release, nov. 19, 2005, center for justice and accountability san francisco; "ex-salvadoran gen. found guilty of torture," nov. 19, 2005, cbs news).

november 16, 2005, toronto: jeremy hinzman brought his family to canada instead of deploying to Iraq with his airborn unit; refused refugee status partly because he was not considered a c.o., and partly because the court did not consider the legality of the invasion and occupation of iraq, canada's federal court will hear an appeal ("court will hear u.s. war dodger's case," canadian press, nov. 11, 2005,; for the treatment of other americans who have sought conscientious objector status in response to the invasion and occupation of iraq, see north american political prisoners: conscientious objectors.

november 16, 2005, u.s., update on habeas corpus: jeff bingaman, senator from new mexico brought a resolution attempting to restore the human right of habeas corpus; the resolution failed but a compromise was reached which rejects the principle of habeas corpus but allows detainees, in specified instances, access to the u.s. judicial system ("senators reach gitmo detainees compromise," sidoti ap, nov. 12, 2005,; "senate passes 'compromise' on habeas corpus rights for detainees," nov. 16, 2005, democracy now); this story is not well covered by mass media; it is a crime to deprive any group of people of their fundamental human rights; a person's individual liberty, possession of self and freedom from involuntary servitude, has some legal protection in the right of habeas corpus; a group of american senators has taken this ancient right of justice, away, and offered exceptions in exchange, selling beads to the american people; as though it is the right of any senate to take away and parcel out freedoms belonging to all people as human beings.

november 11, 2005, veterans day/remembrance day: overlooking the sacrifices of many who fought fascism, on nov. 10th the u.s. senate passed an amendment to its defense bill (in progress) denying habeas corpus to guantanamo detainees; proposed by senator graham of south carolina the amendment directly counters a u.s. supreme court ruling allowing guantanamo detainees access to judicial review, and attempts to nullify the supreme court's consideration of whether guantanamo's military tribunals are legal (taken up nov. 7, 2005); the amendment also attempts to take over the judicial process by nullifying cases in court; graham is a colonel in the usaf reserves; his education was entirely in south carolina; as an air force lawyer he was credited with advising pilots on the laws of war as they were sent off to the gulf "war"; any participation in the destruction of baghdad's infra-structure may have left them eternally vulnerable to charges of genocide at international law; given that the laws of war is a problematic concept in south carolina, historically instructed by general sherman's 'liberation' in the 1860's, it is hard to understand the ethical vacuum of other senators who voted "yes": llard, allen, bennett, bond, brownback, bunning, burns, burr, chambliss, coburn, cochran, coleman, collins, conrad, cornyn, craig, crapo, demint, dewine, dole, ensign, frist, graham (the same), grassley, gregg, hatch, hutchison, inhofe, isakson, kyl, landrieu, lieberman, lott, martinez, mccain, mcconnell, murkowski, nelson, roberts, sessions, shelby, snowe, stevens, talent, thune, vitter, voinovich, warner, wyden; these have voted to deny certain human beings their human rights (sources: "senate votes no terror suspects in courts" AP nov. 11,2005 the guardian u./k.; "senate rollvote congress defense," ap nov.10, 2005, seattle post-intelligencer online; "senate approves limiting rights of u.s. detainees," schmitt, nov.11, 2005, the new york times online; "lindsey graham u.s. senator for south carolina : biography,"; "senator lindsey o. graham (sc)," current nov 11, 2005, project vote smart online; "senate votes no terror suspects in courts," sidoti, nov. 10, 2005, casper star tribune online; recommended: project to enforce the geneva conventions

nov. 9, 2005, fallujah: additional evidence is available of the use of phosphorous as a weapon against civilians, by u.s. forces in fallujah; the italian documentary, fallujah: the hidden massacre, was released nov. 8th in italy; portions carried by democracy now in the u.s. reiterated its reporting (jamail, nov. 28, 2004) of use of phosphorous in fallujah ("us forces 'used chemical weapons' during assult on fallujah," popham, nov. 8, 2005, the independent u.k.; "u.s. broadcast exclusive - 'fallujah: the hidden massacre' on the u.s. use of napalm like white phosphorous bombs," goodman & rai tv, nov. 8, 2005, democracy now) under bush administration military policies the u.s. has committed grave breaches of the geneva conventions in its determined physical destruction of a city inhabited by civilians, the tactical destruction of fallujah's medical facilities (see nov. 10, nov. 8, nov. 7, nov. 6, 2004) the refusal to allow noncombattants to leave the battlefield (see nov. 12, 2004), and retaliatory killing (see april 13th, 2004).

    the bush administration has charged a prisoner of war at guantanamo with murder for participating in combat (See guantanamo updates); as a concept this may one day place all u.s. combat forces at legal risk.

november 5, 2005, canada: the human rights committee of the u.n. reports that the canadian government hasn't implemented measures to assure first peoples their rights; it hasn't yet created means of legal recourse for the poor; it may be at fault in turning prisoners over to countries where there's a risk of torture; its procedure of "security certificates" seems to be against international law; the report appreciates canada's accession, 2002, to the optional protocol to the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, and canada's 2005 ratification of the optional protocol to the convention on the rights of the child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography ("concluding observations of the human rights committee: canada. 02/11/2005," advanced unedited edition, ccpr/c/can/co/5 ; "canada's anti-terrorism measures criticized by un rights committee," schlein, nov.4,2005, canadian press ); in mid october amnesty international suggested that canada would be breaking international law in deporting prisoners to the likely risk of torture ("canada chided over rights," sallot, oct. 14, 2005, globe and mail).

*   virginia: dr. allen keller, "program director of the bellevue/nyu program for survivors of torture" (new york) has testified in a virginia court that the persuasions used on an american student suspect when he refused to cooperate with the f.b.i., were torture ("doctor believes man was tortured," markon, oct. 19, 2005, washington post); the case involves ahmed omar abu ali, said to be suspected of terrorism and of planning to harm the u.s. president.

    memphis, with trial oct. 31, 2005: the center for justice and accountability has filed a lawsuit against nicolas carranza, a former colonel in the army of el salvador said to have lived in the memphis area for the last twenty years; he was given u.s. citizenship; he is being held responsible for the murder and torture of so many by police and military under his command in for example, 1980 ("former el salvadoran officer to face lawsuit," baird ap, oct. 31, 2005, abc; "trial to begin october 31, against salvadoran commander," center for justice and accountability current, and

historical note
march 24, 1980, the day after pleading for an end to the repression of his people, achbishop romero was shot by a sniper while giving mass; in 2004, in modesto california, alvaro saravia was found responsible for his part in the assassination of archbishop romero and was ordered to pay damages of ten million dollars; the judge found that the government of el salavador and saravia have comitted crimes against humanity; saravia has made california his home since about 1987 (source: "victory in archbishop romero assassination case," sept. 3, 2004, current, the center for justice and accountability, homepage,, and with thanks to background,; this mechanism of u.s. law and the good work of this centre remains askew in that the responsibility for romero's death also rested with u.s. policy and control, which may be why death squad elements were harboured in the states; the payment of ten million dollars provides no balance to the murder of a priest who tried to defend the poor; no u.s. state department / c.i.a. officials have been charged.

october 29, 2005, england: malcolm kendall-smythe, a flight-lieutenant, has refused further iraq duty concluding the war is illegal and is facing court martial; in an article in the new statesman, the honest journalist john pilger, presents a clear case against u.k. and u.s. breaches of law, similar to the crimes which led to the incarcerations and deaths of nazi officers/officals at nuremburg: crimes of aggression and war crimes and crimes against humanity ("john pilger applauds a military refusenik," oct. 31, 2005, the new statesman;" the epic crime that dares not speak its name," pilger, oct. 27, 2005, the news statesman,

from october 26, 2005, new york city: in an interview on democracy now janis karpinski traces responsibility for the u.s. departure from geneva conventions to the highest levels of the u.s. government; ms. karpinski, now a colonel, was demoted from her rank as one star general when in charge of abu ghraib prison and all u.s. prisons in occupied iraq; col. karpinski's complicity in the bush administration's war of aggression was neither questioned nor an issue. ("col. janis karpinski, the former head of abu ghraib, admits she broke the geneva conventions but says the blame 'goes all the way to the top,” oct. 26th,2005, democracy now).

from october 25, 2005, washington d.c.: the u.s. white house is asking congress that the c.i.a. be exempted from a fairly weak congressional attempt to limit u.s. torture practices; cheney and cia director goss have asked senator mccain ("exception sought in detainee abuse ban," schmitt, oct. 25, 2005, new york times), for permission to break the geneva conventions, a war crime which does not fall under senator mccain's discretion; the american civil liberties union has found at least 21 detainees of the cia and military intelligence services, murdered by their hosts ("analysis finds 21 homicides among deaths of u.s. prisoners overseas," ap, oct.24, 2005, local 12 news cincinnati).

october 24, 2005, ottawa: .pdf file copies of the charges filed november 30, 2004, against u.s. president george w. bush for torture are now available; "Page 1," "Page 2," [ archive ] .

october 24, 2005, ottawa: 6 pm rally at the prime minister's to protest the visit by u.s.secretary rice - "war resisters welcome, war criminals not !" for information see nowar paix.

october 24, 2005, spain: judge santiago pedraz of spain has signed warrants for the arrests of three us soldiers, lt. colonel philip de camp, capt. philip wolford and sgt. thomas gibson, for the shelling death of jose couso, a spanish journalist in baghdad's palestine hotel, april 2003; the judge has cited a lack of cooperation from the u.s. legal system ("us troops "acted appropriately" in baghdad hotel shelling: pentagon," afp , oct. 19, 2005, yahoo news online; "spain orders arrest of u.s. troops," oct. 19, 2005, bbc news).

october 24, 2005, canada: affirming the ruling of a british columbia court, the supreme court has ruled that the federal government accept 75% responsibility and the united church of canada 25%, in cases rising from abuses of first peoples in a british columbia "residential school;" an appeal had apportioned the federal government full responsibility though the school was operated by the united church ("ottawa not fully liable for residential school claims: supreme court," oct. 21, 2005, online).

october 19, 2005; updates on guantanamo detainees, and on is-it-fascism ; in vancouver, the supreme court of british columbia has lifted a publication ban on the lawyers against the war case against president bush, charging him with torture.

historical note
according to cuban publication of an article appearing in el diario-la prensa (nyc), 2 million people are imprisoned in the u.s. which has 25% of the world's prison population; increasingly corporate industry uses inmates at slave wages for slave labour; 97% of federal and over 66% of state prisoners are in for nonviolent crimes, while over half those in county and city jails are innocent at trial; the prison industry serves "ibm, boeing, motorola, microsoft, at&t, wireless, texas instruments, dell, compaq, honeywell, hewlett-packard, nortel, lucent technologies," and many others ("the prison industry in the united states: big business or a new form of slavery?" pelaez, oct. 13, 2005, granma international english edition). abolish prisons poster (.pdf) [temporary].

october 7, 2005, louisiana: with bush administration plans for the use of martial law in emergencies, what is happening to prisoners in the u.s. becomes more relevant to other citizens.

september 27, 2005, guantanamo: report concerning omar khadr, [ draft is no longer available ] a canadian detained as a minor.

september 16, 2005, canada: deploring canada's and ontario's treatment of security certificate detainees, lawyers against the war (see statement and letter)[ archive ] asks they be charged or released, and supports the eminent legal authorities letter of october 14, 2004; detainee mohammad mahjoub is in the 72nd day of his hunger strike and his life is in danger (urgent).

september 10, 2005, toronto and guantanamo: please note possibly terminal hunger strikes of one canadian security certificate detainee and two hundred u.s. guantanamo prison camp detainees, held under conditions of intentionally applied mental pain, without respect for their human rights.

historical note
in tribute to all those of louisiana, mississippi, alabama, but particularly of new orleans, whose lives were only temporarily destroyed by the hurricanes, flooding, and the government's lack of care for the southern poor:

we'll see what we'll see.
time is a great teacher.
today me and tomorrow maybe you.
this old anvil laughs at many broken hammers

                                                      - carl sandburg, from the people, yes


august 31, 2005, ottawa: "emergency rally for hunger striker hassan almrei - 68 days" (lamarche email august 31, 2005 12:23 am); noon on september 1rst at 161 elgin street; information at :; almrei is at risk; see urgent).

new orleans: help needed - bill quigley as a volunteer and his wife, an oncologist, both working at tenet memorial hospital are trapped with 1200 people who need evacuation and medivac; they can't call out but can still be reached at 504.897.4531 and 504.897.4530, "it may takeseveral days to evacuate these people - water electricity food security all will be gone by then; please help by notifying the press and the government;" peace, bill quigley (source: jonah house email august 30, 2005 11:52 PM).

august 30, 2005, north america: a poster for the 24th (pdf file: 11" x 17" free printout) [temporary].

august 28, 2005, port-au-prince: "on the massacre of august 21, 2005"; in haiti the poor continue to die.

august 23, 2005, vancouver: the entry for this date is temporarily removed to comply with a publication ban by the court.

[publication ban lifted, october 18, 2005; august 23, 2005 re-posted [archived ]]  vancouver: co-chair of lawyers against the war, gail davidson, on nov. 30, 2004 in a provincial b.c. court, charged george w. bush with torture as u.s. commander in chief and president; in court dec. 6, the attorney general tried to have the case dismissed on grounds of immunity due heads of state (see "canada blocks torture charges against bush" [archive] ) and barred the press and public from the court; on aug. 25th ms davidson returns to court seeking a date for review but again the a.g. is attempting to exclude all press and public (source: "the prosecution of george w. bush for torture: an update," august 22, 2005, lawyers against the war); in a matter that affects the public's well being and vote, this is too close to censorship; since the people know of u.s. torture at guantanamo and abu ghraib, attempts to proceed in secrecy damage canadian justice and appear to insist on silence about violations of the geneva conventions, war crimes, and crimes against humanity; lawyers against the war points out that torture is usually a crime by authorities - so rank and positions of power aren't intended to be protection from prosecution; if canada can provide any alternative, it would be a failure of humanity to let prisoners subject to the u.s. military, be tortured until the u.s. president is [for example] impeached and available to stand trial for war crimes.

august 17, 2005, chicago: against u.s. directed madness in iraq since the early nineties, voices in the wilderness protested sanctions that were destroying a population crippled by the gulf war and intentional u.s. destruction of the civilian infrastructure, responding with medicines and witnessing what went unreported in the euro-american medias (ie. see kathy kelly - "banning child sacrifice"; voices has made one of the few attempts to counter a genocide of the iraqi people and so is being fined; on august 12th a u.s. federal judge required payment of a twenty thousand dollar fine imposed in 2002 against voices for violating u.n. and u.s. sanctions; voices says it "will not pay a single penny of this fine," and calls on the memory of dietrich bonhoeffer who troubled the nazis with his ethics ("federal judge orders fine," august 14, 2005 10:46 pm emailed press release, voices in the wilderness).

august 12, 2005, charleston: an illinois graduate student from quatar, held as an "enemy combattant" without rights or trial, filed complaint august 8th, against secretary rumsfeld and brig commander hanft, "praying for relief" from tactics of military prison applied to him; the complaint provides evidence that war crimes are being committed against prisoners in the u.s.; see ali saleh kahlah al-marri under "political prisoners."

august 12, 2005, ottawa: the "justice for mohamed harkat committee" is trying to raise bail for mohamed harkat, imprisoned since dec. 10, 2002 without a criminal charge against him; see "canadian security certificates / political prisoners ; according to an informal posting on nowar-paix (august 10, 2005), mohamed harkat's wife was detained by ottawa police, august 9th, and taken to the station in handcuffs for questioning; after nearly six hours, threatened with charges and 're-arrest' at any time, she was released without charge; the ottawa citizen confirms use of handcuffs and lack of charges, stating that the difficulty concerned a "bad cheque deposited into the bond account," and that mrs. harkat was cooperating with questioning ("friends rally to help terror suspect held 1,000 days without charge:harkat's wife aids police in bad cheque probe" andrew duffy, august 11, 2005, the ottawa citizen); the name of the bank is not mentioned: this is a non-standard, coercive and intimidating way to deal with a bounced cheque, or families and supporters of detainees; to contribute to bail suport for a man held without his human rights, see justice for mohamed harkat [access:< >].

august, krajina: tenth anniversary of "serbian trail of tears;" over 350,000 serbians were murdered or expelled from their ancestral home in "the largest european ethnic cleansing since world war ii;" with assistance from the u.s. and nato, croatia has fulfilled a nazi ustashe policy begun in world war ii (see: "krajina serbs,", srpska mreza -- serbian network).

july 30, 2005, toronto: imam aly hindy has claimed that two c.s.i.s. agents "roughed up" a devout muslim, interrogating her at home in her husband's absence;c.s.i.s. denies; complaints can't be filed since the imam refuses to reveal the woman's identity; cbc reports that 120 muslim religious leaders have pledged to help c.s.i.s. find extremists ("csis denies imam's charge," july 27, 2005. cbc news).

july 26, 2005, israel/palestine: nobelists hume, trimble, williams (j), belo, horta, rotblat, menchu, tutu, esquival, williams (b), maguire, mcnish, and weiss, protest restrictions of travel and of freedom of expression placed on mordechai vanunu, an israeli who with respect for humanity blew the whistle on israel's nuclear program; recently released from an 18 year sentence, and after a current arbitrary arrest, he lives in sanctuary at an anglican church in jersualem ("thirteen nobel peace laureats appeal to israeli government to allow mordechai vanunu to leave israel," maguire, july 8, 2005 press release; "hume, trimble corrigan maguire in joint appeal for vanunu," ibid.;see; meanwhile, according to sumoud ("introduction to the detention and imprisonment of palestinians," fact sheet#1,, as of march 5th 2005, approximately 8000 palestinian political prisoners of the israeli police and military are held in detention, 350 children, 90 women; detainee accounts suggest violations of the geneva conventions ("arrest, detention, interrogation," fact sheet no.2, ibid.).

july 22, 2005, haiti: fr. gerard jean-juste is attacked by the new elite at the funeral of journalist roche; the journalist was considered a supporter of those who took haiti from the people's president aristide (see the following article); in favour of justice, bill quigley appeals for help: a haitian priest's arrest.

july 17, 2005, maine and new brunswick: u.s. testing of agent orange and agent purple (toxic defoliants) at a canadian training base in the 1960's may have affected maine national guard people; according to the bangor daily news the maine guard has been training at gagetown (a canadian base) since 1971 and has scheduled future exercises there; canadian defence is providing two canadian veterans with compensation for exposure in the sixties; other cases are under consideration ("response to soldiers exposed to defoliants eyed," june 29, 2005, bangor daily news); the canadian government acknowledges use of agent orange to clear land at gagetown, and for spraying in 1966 and 67; the cbc reports use of dioxin there as early as 1956; agent orange is known to cause cancer; canadian veterans were repeatedly refused compensation for probable agent orange linked deaths; civilians in surrounding areas were also affected without compensation ("agent purple and agent orange," louise elliott, updated june 24, 2005, cbc news online); while the canadian department of national defence claims spraying was on a very "small scale"; canadian veteran john chisholm as quoted by the cbc says: " it was fixed-wing aircraft and it went on for years, covering a very big area;" "we were coloured orange, we were coloured yellow from the spray that came down on top of us;" most of chisholm's co-workers are dead ("military accused of lying about agent orange," june 24, 2005, cbc news); with canadian defence department cooperation the u.s. tested agent orange on base gagetown in 1966 ("agent gagetown," brian stewart, jan. 23, 1981, the national - host, nash, cbc news).

july 17, 2005, china: u.s. foreign policy under the clinton bush administrations has managed to elicit from chinese general zhu chenghu the comment that china could use nuclear weapons against the u.s. mainland in retaliation for a first strike ("beijing plays down general's threats," july 15, 2005, democracy now); this points up one of the difficulties of current u.s. policy which allows first strike use of nuclear weapons.

june 25, 2005: in response to the censorship of palestinian related photographs from an exhibition of work by zahra kazemi (the iranian-canadian journalist lost her life to iranian intelligence in 2003 - a terminal act of censorship), canadian p.e.n. has presented a petition to the mayor of montreal and the district and the library, on behalf of a rudimentary understanding of freedom of expression, asking that all the artist's chosen work be included in her exhibition; p.e.n. has appealed for support from its members and for additional signatures; the petition for zahra kazemi's freedom of expression, can be found at ; its list of signers may indicate how deeply committed the canadian art and literary establishments are to freedom of expression.

june 21, 2005, ottawa: starting june 18 in montreal, expected at parliament hill june 25th,the no one is illegal march on ottawa is underway; for information -

june 3, 2005: gerald and maas environment / animal rights page, posted.

historical note

from slavery in massachusetts, july 4, 1854, by henry david thoreau:
whatever the human law may be, neither an individual nor a nation can ever commit the least act of injustice against the obscurest individual without having to pay the penalty for it; a government which deliberately enacts injustice, and persists in it, will at length even become the laughing-stock of the world...   the law will never make men free; it is men who have got to make the law free; they are the lovers of law and order who observe the law when the government breaks it...

june 1, 2005, u.s.: clarifying amnesty's position, william schulz has called for a commission and special prosecutor "to investigate whether president bush or any of these other officials, including attorney general gonzales, should be prosecuted;" then if the u.s. fails in its responsibility to the u.n.'s convention against torture, if evidence requires, other nationalities are obligated to prosecute ("guantanamo bay: a "gulag of our times" or a 'model facility'? a debate on the u.s. prison & amnesty international," june 1, 2005, democracy now).

may 28, 2005: william schulz of u.s. amnesty international suggests prosecution of bush, rumsfeld, feith, gonzales, tenet and the upper echelons of the military chain of command (among others) reponsible for breaches of the geneva conventions and international law in treatment of detainees ("give rumsfeld the pinochet treatment, says us amnesty chief, " lobe, may 26,2005, inter press service,; in london, irene khan, amnesty's secretary general states, "according to u.s. official sources there could be over 100 ghost detainees held by the u.s...;" she finds "a new and dangerous agenda in the making, rewriting the rules of human rights, discrediting the institutions of international cooperation and usurping the language of justice and freedom to promote policies that create fear and insecurity... the u.s. is leading this agenda, with the u.k., european states, australia and other states following.... by peddling the politics of fear and division, this new agenda has also encouraged intolerance, racism, and xenophobia..."(amnesty international report 2005, speech by irene khan at foreign press association, 25 may 2005; "amnesty international puts bush in cross hairs," cowell, new york times may 26, 2005, l.a.times); amnesty's 2005 report is available on the amnesty website;the gerald and maas north american political prisoners page notes a number of the injustices mentioned in the u.s. and canadian reports; lawyers against the war in canada has attempted the arrest of president bush for his crimes against the convention against torture; on march 1, 2005 the american civil liberties union and human rights first, filed suit in illinois against donald rumsfeld "for the torture and abuse of detainees in u.s. military custody" (the lawsuit against donald rumsfeld over u.s. torture policies," march 1, 2005 a.c.l.u.,; "rumsfeld sued over torture in iraq and afghansitan," lobe, march 2, 2005,

from may 20, 2005, canada: while the united nations committee against torture lauded canada for applying criminal standards to its military worldwide, and for including the convention against torture's definition of torture in its criminal code, it "criticized canada's immigration and refugee protection act 2002 for what it described as a blanket exclusion of refugees and other people in need of protection" ("canada slapped by un over arar case," may 20, 2005, a.p. globe and mail).

may 10, 2005, south africa: in an interview with democracy now (amy goodman, may 10, 2005) haiti's legal president aristide asks for the world's people to save (without violence) the life of his prime minister yvon neptune, at risk of death from a hunger strike in prison; aristide who was kidnapped from haiti by u.s. forces during a takeover of his nation, blames the racism of non-third world communities for not allowing haiti her government as chosen by the people, and for ignoring conditions which amount to a continuing black holocaust.

may 1, 2005, ottawa: happy may day.

april 21, 2005: from a statement of april 19th by jean bertrand aristide, exiled in south africa (as broadcast by democracy now, april 20, 2005):   "i am still the elected and the only elected president of the country; .... 1. thousands of lavalas who are in jail and in exile must be free to return home; 2. the repression that has already killed over ten thousand people must end immediately; 3. then there must be national dialogue; 4. free, fair and democratic elections must be organized in an environment where the huge majority of haitian people is neither exluded nor repressed as they have been up until today;... racism should not maintain a black holocaust in haiti where african descendents proclaimed their independence two hundred years ago" (see also "u.s., france behind black haiti holocaust," april 21, 2005, mail & guardian online);   the joint u.s. and french takeover of haiti has brought about killing of the poor, usually of lavalas, of the nonviolent political party supporting aristide; the nation's legitimate president, aristide is claiming that the illegal takeover is part of a continuing black holocaust; to consider corporate power's plans for the poor of north america, see "confronting the big lie," by gerald.

april 11, 2005, u.s.: the u.s. joint chiefs of staff has released a "joint doctrine," for dealing with detainees at home and abroad; it insists on a unique classification, "enemy combatants," defined as all people affiliated with organizations and people on a double column ninety some page list put out by the u.s. treasury department, of "terrorists" (, and others as the u.s. secretary of defense decides; the "joint doctrine" deprives "enemy combatants" of all their rights under the "geneva conventions; this classification of "enemy combatant" includes "security detainee" - someone detained "for his or her own protection," and "high value detainee" - who forfeits human rights simply for having extensive knowledge; the document makes a mockery of the geneva conventions; the "joint doctrine" creates machinery for handling mass arrest, and concentration camps in the u.s. and occupied countries (ref. joint doctrine for detainee operations, final coordination 23 march 2005, joint publication 3-63, human rights watch, "u.s.: pentagon detention guidelines entrench illegality,"; see april 10, 2005, genocide warnings & updates.

march 24, 2005, toronto: an immigration panel has refused american soldier jeremy hinzman refugee status in canada, and refused him and his wife and child asylum; hinzman seeks refuge in canada because he believes u.s. military actions against iraq wrong and illegal and because he has become a conscientious objector ("no refugee status in canada for u.s. soldier," march 24, 2005, cbc news); this decision, like the judicial decision on the 22nd to uphold mohamed harkat's incarcerationon secret evidence, helps maintain u.s. policy and both are likely to please the american president, currently hosting both the canadian and mexican prime ministers at his ranch in texas.

march 24, 2005, u.s.: the following statistic is attributed to terry jemison, spokesman for the u.s. department of veterans affairs, to american free press: first gulf war (era) u.s. veterans on disability now number 518,739 ( "cancer epidemic caused by u.s. wmd: m.d. says depleted uranium definitely linked," christopher bollyn,august 13, 2004,; see march 23, 2005.

march 23, 2005, u.s.: according to statistics which are difficult for me to verify (the following are attributed to arthur bernklau, veterans for constitutional law, new york): of 580,400 soldiers who served in the first gulf war, ten years later 325,000 were on "permanent medical disability", while 11,000 died; increasing evidence indicates use of depleted uranium in munitions and armament are the cause; damage depleted uranium does to the human body is consistent with previous studies of the effects of absorption of and exposure to, radioactivity; since the illness then is predictable as born out in the incapacitation of fifty percent of the troops within ten years, the loss rate can be considered 1. unacceptable, 2. forseen ("depleted uranium: dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets, a death sentence here and abroad," leuren moret, san francisco bay view, "", march 16, 2005)(heads roll at veterans administration, mushrooming depleted uranium (du) scandal blamed," bob nichols,", march 16, 2005, ""); for consideration of depleted uranium within a perspective of the convention on genocide see warnings and updates june 14, 2004, or below feb. 13, 2004, or concerning afghanistan, december 11, 2002

update, ottawa: on march 22nd, the canadian security certificate which holds mohamed harkat in prison was upheld by a canadian court ("federal court upholds harkat's detention," march 22, 2005, cbc news), without a right to know fully the charges against him, without a right to know all his accusers, without a right to answer evidence given by prisoners in nations that don't honour the geneva conventions, without a right to refute secret evidence presented by covert agencies to the judge; this mechanism known to history as a tool of secret police, strips away the rights generations have fought for in ongoing struggles for our human rights; see canadian security certificates;
historical note"secret evidence" is a tool of fascism, totalitarianism, and terrible crimes; it isn't really a tool of judges who have to make up their minds under guard; uncontestable, "secret evidence" can't be balanced or corrected; so "secret evidence" is intended to serve ignorance and injustice; "secret evidence" gives power to people in covert agencies who were not elected; no one likes covert agencies (ie. the secret police") so these try to rule by fear; "secret evidence" leaves the victims defenseless; civilized peoples are not ruled by racism, superstition or secret evidence.         - jbg.

march 19, 2005, global and local events against the occupation of iraq


march 1, 2005: as the pattern of economic destabilization followed by military control, becomes a recognizable war against the poor, wealthy nations of the world continue to deprive the haitian people of their democratically elected leader; on the anniversary of the u.s. kidnapping of aristide, there are reports of haitian police firing into an unarmed and nonviolent crowd of aristide supporters while u.n. troops look the other way ("haitian police shot dead 3 aristide supporters at march," democracy now, march 1, 2005; "two killed in haiti protest clash," feb. 28, 2005); aristide remains the elected president of haiti ("haiti's aristide defiant in exile : aristide faced mounting civil unrest and opposition calls to go, haiti's exiled president, jean-bertrand aristide, has insisted he remains the elected head of his country,"bbc march 8, 2004).


feb.14, 2005, valentine's day:
historical note
the fédération internationale des artistes révolutionnaires indépendants, was one of the few groups (the communist party was another) of french intellectuals to resist the country's acceptance of fascism in the late 1930's:
      "one of the most important and shameful effects of the wave of xenophobia which today
      washes over this country is revealed in the attitude of the french government with regard to
      the wounded and sick former fighters for the spanish republic....these men are condemned to
      death in their own countries; yet, the french government finds it expedient to expel thesemen;
      this gesture of hypocritical complicity with international fascism is...monstrous"
                  - "f.i.a.r.i.," "persécutions démocratiques," cl‚ 1, jan. 1939
                  (the politics of surrealism, helena lewis, new york, paragon house, 1988);


we urge all artists and writers and particularly the league of canadian poets and p.e.n. canada, to address the threat to human rights implicit in the incarceration without trial of muslims under canadian security certificates, and the ongoing threat to deport refugees;     *     pen american center has protested appointment of its new u.s. attorney general, elements of its patriot act, and as a plaintiff with others successfully urged its government to change attempted censorship of works from cuba, iran and sudan (see feb. 26, 2004); the u.s. national writers union has protested on the streets against a mass incarceration without trial of muslims, as well as against the war with iraq;     *     why are established canadian organizations of writers, artists, intellectuals, continuing their silences of cooperation with policies of repression ?     *     we urge all writers, artists, intellectuals, to insist that our professional organizations stop cooperating with u.s. foreign policies that ignore international law, and all insist that our governments reinstate the freedoms withdrawn by the "war on terrorism."         - gerald and maas


feb. 11, 2005, iraq: after naomi klein wrote that the u.s. is eliminating witnesses of the death count in iraq, acting u.s. ambassador in london, david johnson, requested evidence or that her article be withdrawn; she provided evidence: tactics of the u.s. destruction of fallujah preceded by destruction of its medical facilities; in the campaigns against both fallujah and mosul, evidence suggests medical personnel were targeted; evidence suggests that journalists in iraq have been intimidated and intentionally killed,and clerics and mosques have been targeted.("you asked for my evidence, mr. ambassador. here it is," naomi klein, guardian unlimited, dec. 4, 2004); a private report issued by the institute of near eastern & african studies in cambridge massachusetts and relying on reports from iraqis in the field, documents substantial inexplicable under-reporting by the media, of allied and iraqi casualty statistics (email of feb.4,2005, ineas,; according to the new york sun cnn news chief, eason jordon, stated in switzerland that the u.s.military had targeted journalists in iraq ("a cnn executive says g.i.s in iraq target journalists," boyd, new york sun online, feb. 8,2005).
historical note
casualty statistics from the first gulf war (1990) remain difficult to assess in 2005; it wasn't in the interests of the u.s., coalition, or rulers of iraq, to reveal the extent of massacres of iraqi military, civilian deaths from bombings, u.s. destruction of iraq's infrastructure; and from "sanctions" withholding necessary medicines, etc.; there remain hundreds of thousands of iraqi soldiers unaccounted for, and millions of non-iraqi asians working there before the bombing; how many u.s. and coalition veterans have died from the gulf war syndrome ? update: see march 23 & 24, 2005.

from feb.10, 2005, n.y.c.: a german court refuses to hear a case holding u.s. authorities including secretary of defense rumsfeld, responsible for torture, referring the case to u.s. courts, and abnegating a responsibility permitted under german law; the center for constitutional rights says the decision will be appealed (source: "center for constitutional rights blasts ruling of german prosecutor refusing to hear war crimes case against rumsfeld," ccr reports online: ).

feb. 2, 2005, toronto canada: offering hope to muslim prisoners held under canadian security certificates, justice eleanor dawson rules against an order to deport mohammed mahjoub to egypt and the likelihood of torture; "within canada, torture is seen to be so repugnant that it can never be an appropriate punishment" ~ judge dawson (as quoted in "judge stops terror suspect's deportation,"the globe and mail online, feb.2, 2005).

feb. 1, 2005, washington d.c.: "the nazi war crimes and japanese imperial government records interagency working group," is being denied access to "hundreds of thousands of pages" of c.i.a. records/documentation concerning u.s.- nazi cooperation at the end of world war ii,and the introduction of nazi elements into the u.s. power structure (source: "c.i.a. said to rebuff congress on nazi files," jehl, new york times, jan.30, 2005); it seems there was much more recruitment of nazis for work with the u.s. intelligence establishment, army, state department and universities, than apparent in early data on "operation paperclip" with its links to the kennedy assassinations (see essay on state terrorism).

from jan. 28, 2005, santiago chile: gen. manuel contreras, the chief of secret police is jailed for the disappearance of a member of the revolutionary left in 1975 ("chile secret police chief jailed," bbc news, jan 28, 2005).

jan. 25, 2005, baghdad: khalil al-duleimi, a lawyer representing sadam hussein (in a country under u.s. occupation), states that death threats telling him not to provide sadam hussein with counsel, have forced him into hiding ("sadam lawyer reportedly in hiding," ap, yahoo! news, jan. 25, 2005); other news of the trial: sadam hussein's lawyers have claimed witnesses "willing to testify that the fallen dictator's regime was not responsible for gassing thousands of kurds in the northern iraqi town of halabja in 1988" ("witnesses may say saddam didn't gas kurds," ap, yahoo news, jan 17, 2005).

january 24, 2005, united nations new york: first special session of the united nations to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the liberation of nazi death camps ("special un session - 60th anniversary of liberation of death camps," israeli foreign ministry, 16 jan 2005); auschwitz-birkenau was liberated january 27, 1945 by the communist soviet army ("un: general assembly to mark auschwitz liberation for first time," mcmahon, rfe/rl, jan. 20, 2005); along with six million jewish victims of the holocaust, were five million romani, communists, homosexuals, people charged with crimes, political prisoners, the resistance, non-german nationalists, people with disabilities where the killing was most often handled by doctors, those with mental illness, the elderly, as well as milllions on millions of other civilians and soldiers.

january 22, 2005, u.s.: secretary rumsfeld has withdrawn from "the munich security conference"this february, where he could face arrest as a war criminal; the center for constitutional rights in nychas brought charges against rumsfeld, george tenet and other bush administration officials, for the torture of iraqis ("rumsfeld cancels trip after accusations,", jan. 21, 2005).

january 16, 2005, madrid spain: the trial of adolpho francisco scilingo began january 14th; the former argentian naval officer, was indicted for genocide by judge baltasar garzon; scilingo has previously confessed to (and recanted) throwing dissidents out of airplanes on "death flights," during argentina's persecution of the left wing from 1976 to 1983; the persecution yielded from 13000 to 30000 victims ("spain tries argentine ex-officer," bbc jan. 14, 2005; "dirty war officer on trial for genocide," irelandon line, jan. 14, 2005); as with the case against general pinochet in chile, u.s. policy and officials may share responsibility for the crimes; the technique of throwing suspected dissidents out of airplanes is reminiscent of rumours during the u.s. - vietnam war, that c.i.a. and u.s. militiary intelligence interrogations were occasionally conducted in helicopters; spain may be the only country currently allowing its legal system to honour application of the convention on genocide, to crimes perpetrated, encouraged or supported by u.s. policy.

january 11, 2005, ottawa: the u.s. media is admitting to u.s. use and direction of death squads to control the left and anti-u.s. sentiment in foreign countries ("el salvador-style 'death squads' to be deployed by u.s. against iraq militants," timesonline,, jan 10, 2005); concerning canadian sovereignity, why would canada willingly be part of a u.s. anti missile defense system, when recent u.s. policies include the use of torture, death squads, permanent incarceration without trial, aggression, dishonouring the geneva conventions and other crimes against humanity ?

january 4, 2005, santiago, chile: chile's supreme court upholds the appeals court decision which allows the arrest and prosecution of general pinochet, on human rights related offenses ("chile's top court upholds charges against pinochet, cbc, jan. 14, 2005); as the former ruler moves closer to being judged in court, one looks for an eventual confrontation of those in washington who are believed to have planned and paid for and sanctioned the terrible crimes against humanity committed under pinochet's rule.

from january 2, 2005, washington,d.c.: the c.i.a. and defense department are attempting plans for lifetime detentions of suspects without trial or habeas corpus; a suggested alternative to longterm detentions is incarceration in the suspects' countries of origin, some of which are known to practice torture ("long-term plan sought for terror suspects," priest, washington post - , jan. 2, 2005); this balancing of alternatives becomes an argument canada uses in the incarceration of five muslim men who may or may not be suspected of links to terrorism (see canadian security certificates at our north american political prisoners page); if the detainees are deported to their countries of origin they may become subject to torture; overtly, canadian law does not allow such renderings; however the laws of the u.s. and of canada assert the innocence of each individual until proven guilty; since war is not officially declared in either the u.s. or canada, use of emergency war powers is illegal in the states, and impolite in canada, and in both instances make-do "anti-terrorist" legislation allowing the overturning of what western peoples have struggled for through centuries, betrays all the people.

december 19, 2004, port au prince: following the kidnapping and forced exile of haiti's president aristide by the u.s., when colin powell visited the occupied country, as many as 110 prisoners were or may have been massacred at the port au prince jail, either shot under charges of rioting, or taken from their cells by guards and executed (scotland on sunday,, dec.19,2004).

london: once again the british house of lords has provided a last ditch defense of decency and human rights; on dec.16th the highest british court ruled that foreign detainees can't be held indefinitely without trial ("terror detainees win lords appeal," bbc online, dec.16, 2004); not to release foreign detainees could place the british government in violation of european human rights law, or remaining international laws which survive the u.s. agenda; previously the house of lords court refused chile's genocidalre, augusto pinochet, sovereign immunity for his crimes; both decisions counter a current pressure from international fascism.

december 8, 2004, vancouver: for the current status of the lawyers against the war case accusing george w. bush of torture: law's update.

december 2, 2004, ottawa: protests against secret trials in canada, december 10: december 6, mohamed harkat, in prison for over 723 days without being charged, has a federal court date; 9:30 AM, supreme court building, people welcome (details: justice for mohamed harkat [access:< >]); ongoing: north american political prisoners page.

november 30, 2004, canada: thousands demonstrate for nine hours at the heart of ottawa, to protest the bush visit and in solidarity with people suffering from u.s. policies; lawyers against the war announces that in vancouver this morning charges of torture were filed against george w. bush - see law press release of this date [archive] and lawyers against the war web site at

november 25, 2004, ottawa canada: in response to substantial evidence of the u.s. president's responsibility for ongoing crimes under international law and canada's crimes against humanity and war crimes act, mandel & davidson for lawyers against the war have reminded the minister of citizenship and immigration that bush is inadmissable to canada.

see "letter of november 24, 2004, to the honourable judy sgro" [archive]

november 24, 2004, ottawa canada: mandel and davidson, for lawyers against the war, "law" (a canadian and international committee), have written prime minister martin urging him to rescind his invitation to u.s. president bush who plans to visit canada november 30th; prime minister martin and his cabinet risk liability for collaborating with what are grave crimes under canadian and international law; see "letter of november 19, 2004, to prime minister martin (english and french)" [archive]

november 18, 2004, ottawa canada: an ontario superior court judge has ordered the rcmp (federal police) to reveal select secret evidence which allowed the search and removal of work materials from home and office of ottawa citizen journalist, juliet o'neill (see this page, january 21, 2004); the court found that the police raid limited "charter rights including the fundamental right of freedom of expression and freedom of the press" ("court upholds freedom of press," macleod, ottawa citizen, nov. 13, 2004; "canada judge order rcmp to reveal secret -" (upi) washington times online, nov. 13, 2004).

november 18, 2004, santiago chile: the amnesty law protecting the police and military from prosecution for crimes against human rights during a portion of pinochet's rule, has been nullified by chile's supreme court ("pinochet facing more charges after ruling," cbc news online, nov. 17, 2004).

november 17, 2004, geneva: louise arbour, the united nations commissioner of human rights,has requested investigation and prosecution of current war crimes in iraq, by the forces committing them ("rights chief warns on attacks," herald sun, australia, nov. 17,2004; "iraq: un human rights chief concerned over plight of civilians in falluja," un news centre, nov.16,2004); there seems no rapid response within the united states to its apparent overt commission of serious war crimes.

november 16, 2004, fallujah iraq: the global public is being brutalized through atrocities committed by the u.s. military and c.i.a. (when war crimes seem "normal," it lowers the people's resistance to atrocities by the state); in response to what appears to be a military murder of an unarmed wounded prisoner stretched out in a mosque (by not respecting religious sanctuary, u.s. military policy is breaking a code older than the geneva conventions), michael ratner of the center of constitutional rights is one of the few u.s. lawyers who dares say anything: "it's a grave breach of the geneva convention" ("war crime caught on tape: u.s. marine executes wounded unarmed iraqi," democracy now, november 16th, 2004); the interview also notes the criminality of the u.s. government transporting prisoners to other countries for torture (ibid.); in the aftermath of the absolute destruction of fallujah, the new york times notes several u.s. rights lawyers who say the forced return of civilian refugees to a battlefield might be a violation of geneva conventions; the article notes that the international criminal court has no clear jurisdiction over the u.s. ("rights lawyers see possibility of a war crime," janofsky, new york times international, nov. 13, 2004); such crimes could be tried under u.s. law, for now, and require prosecution under u.s. military law; to collaborate with war crimes is a crime under most legal codes.

november 16, 2004, santiago chile: as part of a fifteen year effort revealing the torture and murder of chilean civilians, a presidential report has revealed 35,000 identified victims of torture and murder in chile under the rule of general pinochet (1973-90); ("chile identifies 35,000 victims of pinochet," franklin, the guardian u.k., nov.15, 2004); increasing evidence points to the instigation of the crimeby the c.i.a. ("the pinochet files," the guardian, u.k., sept. 10, 2003); to end such crimes, u.s. politicians, c..i.a. and military personnel who initiated and were complicit in the policy may finally be held accountable, as well as the retired general pinochet. (ongoing); chile's army has reversed its stand and has admitted responsibility for the rights violations it inflicted under pinochet ("chile's army accepts blame for rights abuses in the pinochet era," rohter, the new york times international, nov.6,2004).

november 12, 2004, fallujah iraq: u.s. forces are still refusing to let civilian men between the ages of 15 and 55 leave the city, despite its gradual destruction, lack of medical facilities, lack of infrastructure; this is confining male children to a battlefield; it is difficult for occupation forces to distinguish between civilians and insurgents ("u.s. troops push deeper into fallujah," harris, associated press, nov.12, 2004); see genocide warning update.

november 12, 2004. havana cuba: with medical products relying in any part on u.s. technology, sanctioned, a dutch company, intervet, has suspended delivery to cuba of a "quadruple vaccine," to avoid being blacklisted by the u.s. treasury department("the united states prevents the sale of vaccines to the island," digital granma international, oct. 13, 2004).

november 10, 2004, fallujah iraq: a community centre converted to use as a hospital, was bombed and "totally destroyed" with the loss of 20 medical personnel, in addition to patients ("us air raid on fallujah clinic kills dozens: witnesses," xinhua online, nov. 9, 2004); this is a third instance reported of a u.s. military action against community medical facilities in fallujah; these acts may constitute grave breaches of the fourth geneva convention "entered into force on 21 october 1950."

Article 18
Civilian hospitals organized to give care to the wounded and sick, the infirm
and maternity cases, may in no circumstances be the object of attack, but
shall at all times be respected and protected by the Parties to the conflict.

november 8, 2004, fallujah iraq: after heavy bombing of the city, u.s. and its allied forces launched their attack by seizing its general hospital, the second targeting of medical facilities of the city's inhabitants and defenders; among reasons given nbc news by the u.s. military: coalition casualties would need the hospital and it wouldn't be well defended (msnbc- "assault to retake fallujah begins," nov. 7, 2004; "bombs rain on fallujah," dunn, herald sun, australia, 09nov04 sic).
historical note

they laid hands on him and he was a goner.
they hammered him to pieces and he stood up.
they buried him and he walked out of the grave, by god,
asking again: where did that blood come from ?
                                                      - carl sandburg, from ossawatomie.

november 7, 2004: opening of the gerald and maas is-it-fascism-yet page  

gerald and maas protests the bombing of a hospital, and what could be the impending criminal massacre of the people of fallujah

november 6, 2004, fallujah iraq: in preparation for a final atttack on fallujah u.s. jets have razed nazzal emergency hospital and a medical storeroom with other houses at the centre of town ("us strikes raze falluja hospital," bbc news uk, 6 November, 2004) to the best of my knowledge no resistance targeting of u.s.and allied medical facilities or medical transport has occurred in iraq. -jbg

october 31,2004, port-au-prince haiti: supporters of bertrand aristide, the elected president removed by u.s. marines from haiti on feb.29th, are being terrorized and killed ("police terror sweeps across haiti: u.n.looks on as slum-dwelling aristide supporters are killed or thrown into jail without charge," lindsay the observer u.k., october 31, 2004)

october 22, 2004, outside the metropolitan cathedral, san salvador: a flame is lit to burn continually in tribute to archbishop oscar arnulfo romero; prosecution of the assassination is discouraged by an amnesty law administered by the arena party, in power and considered responsible for the crime ("archbishop romero's murder still unpunished 25 years on," cevallos, october 14, 2004, inter service press).

september 22, 2004, united nations: canadian prime minister martin asks the u.n. for faster mechanisms of response to aid civilian populations, acknowledging "the responsibility to protect is not a license for intervention" ("address by prime minister paul martin at the united nations," office of the prime minister, september 22, 2004); "we all have a duty to do whatever we can to rescue them, and do it now" - kofi annan of the current situation in darfur sudan ("world must act now in darfur: annan," afp sept. 21, 2004,; more notes on sudan : the 'third force' in rwanda and sudan.

september 11, 2004, charleston,s.c.: the post and courier, possibly the oldest daily paper in the south of the u.s., reports on a recent callup for duty in iraq: "40 percent of army reservists fail to report to fort jackson," sept.11, 2004,

september 8, 2004, bogota  colombia: reversing its earlier declarations, offices of colombia's attorney general admitted its army has assassinated three union leaders, in an area where u.s. forces have been training colombian forces in counterinsurgency; colombia is noted with the highest instance of union member assassinations by the right-wing paramilitary; u.s. secretary of state powell recently warned colombia to curb its abuses of human rights (source: new york times, "bogota says army killed union chiefs", forero, sept. 8, 2004).

september 4, 2004, fresno california: one of many people of faith murdered in el salvador by right wing death squads, the el salvadoran military, and cia policies, archbishop oscar romero spoke against the right wing death squads of his country, and was assassinated; in a suit on behalf of the center for justice & accountability, a federal court in fresno found former el salvadoran capt. alvaro rafael saravia liable for ten million dollars in damages, for participating in the assassination; evidence was presented implicating major roberto d'aubuisson (deceased) founder of the arena party; savaria's last known address is said to be modesto california ("salvadoran ex-officer ruled liable for 1980 killing," reuters, 04 sep 2004).
historical note
for el salvador 1981, press posters.

september 2, 2004, new york city: republican national convention relatedprotest arrests exceed 1760 people in the past week ("republican convention dogged by relentless protests," reuters 02 sep 2004); essentially censored by establishment (corporate) news media, coverage of arrests and protest actions was available through and audio links.

august 31, 2004, new york city: a national lawyers guild lawyer estimates as many as 800 people arrested so far (by ten pm) in the "overwhelmingly peaceful" protests during the republican national convention.

august 26, 2004, santiago chil‚: the supreme court of chil‚ strips pinochet of his immunity, again, affirming the ruling of a lower court (see entry of may 29th), and its own previous ruling of 2000 which pinochet had countered with "poor health" ("no immunity for pinochet," cbc, 26 aug 2004).

august 24, 2004, santiago chile: former head of state augusto pinochet whose criminal takeover of chile‚'s democracy was accompanied by the extra judicial execution and mass murder of thousands of trade unionists, opposition party members and supporters of democracy, is found to have secret u.s. accounts (at least five) under his own and his family's name (for example in florida), as well as the eight secret accounts previously found at washington's riggs bank and valued in the millions of dollars (source: afp, "pinochet funds cache expands," the australian, , august 24, 2004); the existence of these accounts may suggest support and payment for pinochet's crimes and criminal policies, by the u.s. authorities and agencies responsible for them.
historical note

....amada mia, america,
descubierta, violada y abandonada bajo
la colerica nieve, la panoplia volcanica:
pueblos sin alfabeto, mordiendo el duro grano
del maiz, el pan detrigo amargo:
americanos, americanos del andrajo...

          - pablo neruda, de "elegia de cadiz"

august 23, 2004, juarez mexico: according to "mexico - genocide against women workers," (november 23, 2003, by norma edith ramirez of militante,, at over 4000 mostly young women students and workers have been "disappeared" from 1993 to 2003 in juarez mexico near the u.s. border; bodies of 327 were found mutilated, raped, tortured; the article traces the roots of such murders to state terrorism and political murders of the sixties; evidence and circumstances point to organized crime and kidnapping for the sex and drug trade protected by politicians and the very wealthy to the point of "human sacrifice as a tool of public and even political power," according to sergio gonzalez rodriguez; his book bones in the desert, and journalist diana washington valdes in the el paso times, as well as the ramirez article, implicate local authorities protected by some of mexico's most wealthy politically powerful families and the interweaving of drug cartels with the ruling class.

july 24, 2004, mexico city: the former president of mexico is being challenged in court for the deaths of students in 1971; the students were attacked and killed by plainclothed (government) forces; the prosecutor asks the court to try luis echevarria as well as his secretary of the interior and attorney general, on criminal charges, specifically genocide; the prosecutor defines genocide under mexican law to include the partial destruction of "a national group of political dissidents" and is concerned with the 1968 murders of students as well and the war against the left ("ex-mexican leader faces genocide charges," castillo, ap, july 24, 2004,; the request for arrest warrant was not honoured by the judge, without immediate explanation and the decision is open to appeal ("judge denies arrest of ex-mexican leader," rice, ap, july 24, 2004,
historical note

estoy vivo
en el centro
de uno herido todavia fresca
                          - octavio paz

the mexican poet left diplomatic service after the
killing of students by government forces in 1968.

july 3, 2004, re. sudan: faulting the government of sudan but not accusing it of genocide, u.n.secretary general annan receives sudanese assurances that militia committing atrocities will be disarmed ("in sudan, annan reports 'gross and systematic' abuses of human rights," un news service, july 2, 2004; "sudan to disarm arab militias, annan says," online, 3 july 2004); u.s. human rights organizations and media (new york times columnist kristof, "dare we call it genocide," nyt, june 16, 2004) label destabilization and atrocities in sudan, "genocide" which might allow u.s. unilateral intervention under the u.s. "sudan peace act of 2002;" the act found the sudanese government guilty of genocide, and attempts to regulate the sudan's trade relations accordingly (see night's lantern genocide warning of june 16, 2004); to consider current difficulties with the word "genocide," see "lacklove," by j.b.gerald.

july 3, 2004, geneva: on june 22, 2004 a polio warning was issued by the global polio action initiative following a case of polio paralysis in darfur, may 20th; the world health organization has asked for an immuization program in the region including west africa, chad, sudan; since 2003 africa has assumed 90% of the world's polio cases; w.h.o. aims to reach 74 million african children in the fall; unicef agrees this could avert "a public health tragedy;" with current global investment of over 3 billion us$ in this effort, the anti polio coalition inlcudes governments, corporations (debeers, aventis pasteur) the world bank etc. ("polio experts warn of largest epidemic in recent years, as polio hits darfur," world health organization press release).
historical note
some theories trace the devastating spread of aids to polio immunization programs of 1955-60, in for example, what was the belgian congo where local cell tissue cultures from chimpanzee kidneys might have infused a native african population with hiv virus (see edward hooper's, which also mentions programs in south africa and other african nations); there is a current threat of ebola in southern sudan ("ebola haemorrhagic fever in south sudan - update 7," world health organization, 22 june 2004) ; current medical counter measures for this disease include isolation camps; it's difficult not to include in a consideration of "destabilization,"diseases requiring non-indigenous treatment, pharmaceuticals, etc..

july 2, 2004, washington d.c.: lawyers filed habeas corpus petitions for a canadian, two british subjects, three french, a turk, an iraqi, a jordanian, and a palestinian, previously held among about six hundred detained, without legal rights and in violation of the geneva conventions at the u.s. guantanamo prison camp(ref. "legal challenges filed for guantanamo detainees," online, july 2, 2004).

june 28, 2004, u.s.: the u.s. supreme court grants prisoners detained at guantanamo camp, the right to legal representation in federal courts (see washington "supreme rebuke," june 29, 2004); their detention and torture becomes subject to law; amid clear violations of the geneva conventions, torture remains a war crime punishable within the u.s. by the war powers act of 1996.

june 15, 2004: charged for paramilitary training and conspiring to support organizations in India labeled "terrorist" by the u.s., three of eleven muslims playing paintball in virginia are sentenced as follows: seifullah chapman, 85 years; masoud khan - life in prison; hammad abdur-raheem - 97 months; the u.s. attorney general's office publicly states reduction of time may be granted in return for information ("strict sentences meted in va. jihad case," markon, , june 16, 2004).
historical note
cruel and unusual punishment in sentencing, to force the suspect to give information is a crime; inhumanly long sentences have been used for american political prisoners: ie. the ohio seven, and the move nine, to deprive dissenters of life and liberty, and serve as a warning to the public (these sentences should be reversed and reparations provided).

june 14, 2004, afghanistan: there is evidence of non-depleted uranium in us/uk weapons used against the civilians of afghanistan; "the urinary concentration and ratio of uranium Isotopes in civilians of the bibi mahro region after recent military operations in eastern afghanistan," (durakovic, gerdes, parrish, zimmerman, gresham), uranium medical research centre,"poster," may 23, 2004 :; (see genocide warning of this date [june 14, 2004])

june 8, 2004, u.s.: according to the wall street journal (june 7, 2004, "pentagon report set framework for use of torture," by jess bravin), a classified report authored by top administration, civilian and militiary lawyers under usaf general counsel mary walker, in consultation with covert agencies and with justice department approval, declared the u.s. president, as commander-in-chief of the military, not bound by laws prohibiting torture; the report drafted in 2003 to allow war crimes against prisoners at guantanamo, places defence interests before any basic human right.
historical note
c. 1942, western ukraine: "each ss man had his own 'passion;' bebauer would suffocate his victim in a barrel, or between two boards; kolenko would string his victim up by the feet; rokito would shoot into the skull; schanback, a 23 year-old, one sunday, tied a prisoner to a pole and beat him with a rubber truncheon. when his victim fainted from pain, schanback revived him - gave him some food and water, and a minute later, continued his orgy of torture... in the morning we saw a gruesome sight: a bloody pole, with hunks of human flesh tied to it; that was all that was left of the murdered man." - the janowski camp (the black book, new york, nexus press, 1981).

may 29, 2004: chile prepares once again to try pinochet ("court clears way for pinochet trial," the guardian, may 29, 2004); the u.s. role in the overthrow of allende and crimes against the people of chile is gradually being established and clarified ("the pinochet files" the guardian september 10, 2003).

may 19, 2004: a low ranking u.s. military reservist is sentenced to one year in jail ("u.s. jails first soldier over iraq jail abuse," reuters, may 19, 2004) as scapegoat for global criminal abuse and torture of detainees and prisoners by the u.s.military, currently at abu ghraib prison in iraq; there is accumulating evidence of physical and psychological torture at abu ghraib and at the u.s. prison camp at guantanamo bay; without public accountability for those held in detention the numbers of any who have disappeared or died in custody are not available; domestically, there is evidence of application of psychological torture used as standard practice in u.s. prisons, and in canada with its use of long term solitary confinement under canadian security certificates, among other physical and psychological abuses; these are all crimes of state; the extent to which these crimes violate a concensus of human decency, might be assessed by reading

the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War. [temporary link]

excerpts from the united nations texts of:
Declaration on the Protection of All Persons from Being Subjected to Torture
and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
Adopted by General Assembly resolution 3452 (XXX) of 9 December 1975
[temporary link]
Article 2
Any act of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment is an offence to human dignity and shall be condemned as a denial of the purposes of the Charter of the United Nations and as a violation of the human rights and fundamental freedoms proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Article 3
No State may permit or tolerate torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Exceptional circumstances such as a state of war or a threat of war, internal political instability or any other public emergency may not be invoked as a justification of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Body of Principles for the Protection of All Persons under Any Form of Detention or Imprisonment
Adopted by General Assembly resolution 43/173 of 9 December 1988
Principle 6
No person under any form of detention or imprisonment shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.* No circumstance whatever may be invoked as a justification for torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
Principle 7
1. States should prohibit by law any act contrary to the rights and duties contained in these principles, make any such act subject to appropriate sanctions and conduct impartial investigations upon complaints.
* The term "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment" should be interpreted so as to extend the widest possible protection against abuses, whether physical or mental, including the holding of a detained or imprisoned person in conditions which deprive him, temporarily or permanently, of the use of any of his natural senses, such as sight or hearing, or of his awareness of place and the passing of time.


april 22, 2004, toronto: "notes on the sanctuary movement," rev. brian burch.

april 13, 2004, fallujah: evidence points to retaliation by american occupying forces against the iraqis of fallujah for atrocity slayings of four corporate mercenary security guards on march 31; iraqis would not identify to the occupation forces, those responsible; "hospital director rafie al-issawi said most of the 600 dead in fallujah were women, children and elderly" ("around 770 die in recent iraq fighting," associated press, 04/12/04 09:13 edt); there are reports of occupying troops using mosque minarets for sniping positions among claims of the intentional killing of civilians ("fallujah death toll for week more than 600," usa today online, april 8, 2004); ("we just wanted out of that hellish place," ottawa citzen, april 12, 2004); a mosque with people inside was targeted and hit by a helicopter missile and aircraft laser guided bomb (abc news online, april 8, 2004); medical supplies and journalists were barred from entering fallujah when the operation began; names of the u.s. chain of command directly accountable for crimes are not being released by the news media; in response to war against civilians, iraqi fighters have detained non-iraqi workers as leverage for the removal of foreign military forces.
historical note
10 june, 1944: in retaliation for the loss of two soldiers and other acts by the resistance, the nazi military entered the village of oradour-sur-glane near limoges france; 624 children, women and men, and most of these in church, were taken from their lives by crimes of the nazi soldiers; the names of victims remain on a wall of black stones and the old village remains in ruin as a memorial; among those found responsible for the crime were officers of battalian 1, "der fuhrer" regiment: general lammerding, major dickmann, captain kahn, lieutenant barth.

april 11, 2004: page open again.

march 29, 2004, and subsequently, ottawa: mohammad momin khawaja, a canadian by birth, was arrested under the anti-terrorism act (cbc online, march 31, 2004); his family home was raided by armed police (rcmp) who broke down the door; his brothers, sister and mother were detained for questioning; his father was subsequently detained in saudi arabia (toronto,the star, april 1, 2004); specific evidence against the accused was not revealed; the manner of arrest and length of interrogations seem intended to terrorize the community rather than assure public safety.

march 14th, 2004: page closed.

march 9, 2004 : noon rally at immigration canada in ottawa, asking return of mohamed cherfi to canada; an algerian taken from church sanctuary in quebec city by police on march 5th, placed in the custody of canadian border security, he was surrendered to u.s. custody (source ontario coalition against poverty; source, hanes, "cops storm church,": montreal gazette, march 6, 2004); we protest this violation of church, mosque, temple and religious sanctuary in any country.

march 6, 2004: jean bertrand aristide, the democratically elected president of haiti, was placed in the central african republic by u.s. officials, according to u.s. congresswoman maxine waters who received a call from aristide under guard (source: "rep maxine waters: aristide says 'i was kidnapped," march 1, 2004, democracy now with amy goodman).

february 26, 2004: in violation of constitutional law, the u.s.treasury department has declared it illegal for u.s.publishers to edit works from cuba, iran, iraq, sudan, and libya (source: goodman, democracy now! pacifica, feb.24, 2004); to honour freedom of expression we are re-posting fidel castro's, cuba and the nazi-fascism (may day 2003) [withdrawn for continuity]; we're also re-posting the u.s. bill of rights, in a red-letter edition [ withdrawn] noting rights currently endangered or taken from the people; the u.s. constitution states that power to declare war is given to congress and not the president (no current declaration of war is available).

february 13, 2004 : a scots veteran has won his disability pension appeal for du poisoning(amid evidence his children have symptoms similar to symptoms of iraqi children); source:"first award for depleted uranium poisoning claim," newsquest herald & times, u.k., feb.4,2004.

january 21, 2004: ottawa; both the cbc and the online ottawa citizen report that the rcmp (canadian federal police) took over the office and home of ottawa citizen journalist juliet o'neill [with warrants] to search for materials concerning her article on maher arar.

january 20, 2004: the toronto sun reports that the u.s.has a terrorist-and-others watch list of five million people globally.

january 5, 2004 : source: justin haggler, "israeli colonel resigns over army's 'immoral' actions," the independent, u.k.: five israeli teenagers imprisoned (one year) for refusing military service as long as the army "acts as an army of occupation;" israeli lt-colonel eitan ronel has resigned his commission in protest of army policies, stating, "a country in which the army disperses demonstrations of its citizens with live gunfire is not a democratic country."

january 4, 2004 : night's lantern posting : political prisoners in north america ongoing

december 21, 2003: 13 members of israel's elite reserves, sayeret matkal, make public a letter to prime minister sharon, in which they state their refusal to serve in gaza or the west bank; source: jta dec. 22, 2003.

december 4, 2003: "the soldiers at my front door,"   by john dear, sj [temporary]   (new mexico)

november 13, 2003. update: kevin annett and the truth commission into genocide in canada, nov.1

november 5, 2003: le collectif guantanamo [temporary link]     et les chroniques de guantanamo, concerning abuse of prisoners, victims of the terrorist acts, imprisonment without human rights - ongoing

september 27, 2003, 1:00pm: rally to end the occupation of iraq and of palestine; parliament hill

september 25, 2003. haaretz (israel) reports that of the 27 israeli pilots signing a letter refusing service in occupied territories, the nine active duty pilots have been grounded and threatened with dismissal; the pilots are affirming their duty not to carry out orders they consider "blatantly illegal" ("halutz: pilots refusing to serve in territories will face law" by amos harel, haaretz correspondent )

july 25, 2003. three dominican sisters were sentenced to 30 months, 33 months and 41 months in prison respectively for their nonviolent confrontation of the war machine...see plowshares movement "news and updates"

may 8, 2003. "méditant sur la vie, j'éprouve l'obligation de respecter toute volonté de vie autour de moi comme l'égale de la mienne comme une valeur mystérieuse," from albert schweitzer's le problème de l'éthique dans l'évolution de la pensée humaine

april 24, 2003. j.b.gerald:   "responding to a criminal war" ongoing

april 10, 2003. kathy kelly, voices in the wilderness: "a peace vigil in baghdad" [temporary / not available]

march 31, 2003. voices in the wilderness: "bearing witness" [temporary / not available]

march 23rd & 24th, 2003. baghdad. voices in the wilderness: "bearing witness" [temporary / not available]

march 19, 2003. from gerald and maas: an invasion day letter and painting carried at the ottawa peace rally.


march 17, 2003."if military action proceeds without a new resolution of the security council, canada will not participate." prime minister jean chrétien, assuring canada's non-participation in the invasion of iraq

february 26, 2003. in a motion which spells out points of international law the ottawa city council passes a resolution for peace which in part resolves to "support the canadian government efforts to discourage a unilateral, pre-emptive military action against iraq not sanctioned by the un security council..." for the entire text, see

february 2, 2003. genocide warning; see "updates" to common rights & expectations

january 30, 2003 our common responsibility: the impact of a new war on iraqi children,   [temporary link] international study team (war child canada [access:< >])[[This study is maintained online at (June 2016)]

january 24, 2003. a letter in defense of international human rights law, from professor jules lobel and michael ratner, of the center for consitutional rights, warning president bush and secretary rumsfeld of the consequences of using force in iraq" [archive]

january 23, 2003. final draft. lawyers against the war warns prime minister chrétien of possible indictment for war crimes if canada without any new and valid security council approval, participates in war on iraq: letter to the prime minister of canada [archive], with accompanying documents by public interest lawyers, u.k.: "letter to prime minister blair", and "war crimes brief" [archive].

january 20 & 23, 2003, lawyers against the war: "draft resolution for municipal governments opposed to war on iraq" [archive]; "please modify for your country and send to municipal councils." - l.a.w.

december 11, 2002, davey garland "afghanistan: the nuclear nightmare begins" (direct link w. permission green left weekly)

september 30, 2002, lawyers against the war: "legal brief and letter to the u.n." [archive]

september 22, 2002, rev. kevin annett:, "program of the truth commission into genocide in canada"

september 16, 2002, gerald and maas : press release

1998, kathy kelly : "banning child sacrifice, a difficult choice ?"

1995, j.b.gerald : "an essay against genocide"


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