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common rights and expectations :
a handbook of human rights laws
dedicated to the children of iraq
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treaty on abolition of the death penalty
political prisoners :
innocent or guilty of refusing injustice
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"california rises to prisoners’ challenge to end racial hostilities" (2012)   mary ratcliff
"torture by any other name: how the abomination continues" (2012)   kevin annett
"¡habrá más poesía! (there will be more poetry)" (2009) poem   antonio guerrero
red cloth series (2009) videos 6 poets
"narration of facts" (2009)   ad hoc committee for justice for iraq
"u.s. journalists and war crime guilt" (2008)   peter dyer
"understanding gandhi’s ahimsa (non-violence)" (2007)   bill bhaneja
"law and resistance: the republic in crisis and the people’s response" (2007)   francis boyle
"meditation on a martyr, in tribute to franz jagerstatter" (2007)   daniel berrigan
form request (2005)   bill quigley
"iraq and the laws of war" (2005)   francis boyle
"the north american indian holocaust" (2005)   kahentinetha horn
on sanctuary (2003)   brian burch
"the silent genocide from america" (2003)   mohammed daud miraki
"the perpetual death from america" (2002)   mohammed daud miraki
"truth commission proposal" (2002)   kevin annett
"open letter" (1998)   assata shakur
lawyers against the war & related   gail davidson, michael mandel & others
letter from iraq (1998)   kathy kelly
"bones" (1997) poem   marilyn buck
"accounts come home" (1991) poem   daniel berrigan
excerpt from on the difficulty of ethics... (1952)   albert schweitzer


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