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2018 suppressed news


suppressed news
concerned with the prevention of genocide
by j. b. gerald
graphics by j. maas



March 4, 2019

      Venezuela: North American media has continued a heavy propaganda campaign against the government of Nicholas Maduro and socialism in general. Euro-American countries with the exception of Switzerland, Norway, Italy, the Vatican and Greece, followed the U.S. lead in recognizing as the country's president, a self-proclaimed president, unelected legislator, Juan Guaidó. U.S. sanctions and economic policies have driven Venezuela into great hardship - the Trump administration line is that Venezuela's economic failures are the fault of Chavez, Maduro and the majority of the Venezuelan people's choice of socialism. The U.S. sent emergency food and medical supplies as 'humanitarian aid' in an attempt to buy the country's military and people into supporting the overthrow of their government. The aid shipment was refused. The total effect of impounding funds and gold held by Venezuela in international banks is theft and presents a threat against trust in the international banking system, which is working as a servant to U.S. policy. Citibank has impounded 1.1 billion dollars of Venezuelan gold; there are of course complex explanations why the U.S. and British banks have stepped outside international law in taking over Venezuelan accounts held outside the country. Thefts from a country without adequate medical and food supplies for its people may be disastrous, and the crime extends to an action against the people of Venezuela as a national group. U.S. application of economic pressure on Maduro's government, and use of badly needed 'humanitarian aid' as a propaganda tool contribute to a crime of aggression. If you begin to formulate a legal case against those edging Venezuela's people toward their destruction, you might begin with the banks who have blockaded / stolen Venezuela's money, and consider applying charges of genocide against their financial advisers, CEO's, staff, and complicit government personnel. In its own defense Venezuela has turned to Russia and China for support. Bloomberg reports Russia is committed to avoiding U.S. military interference in Venezuela. Despite the fact of a U.S.-Canada alliance aligned with the U.S. controlled 'democracies' of Central and South America, a U.S. armed intervention in Venezuela would challenge for its own profit the global rule of law. Background.     Partial sources online: "Russia Pledges to Help Venezuela Avoid Military Intervention," Yuliya Fedorinova and Ilya Khrennikov, March 3, 2019, Bloomberg; "An Ocean of Lies on Venezuela: Abby Martin & UN Rapporteur Expose Coup," [access:< >]; "U.S. imposes new sanctions on Venezuela to squeeze out leader amid humanitarian crisis," Thomson Reuters, March 1, 2019, Thomson Reuters.



February 18, 2019

      Haiti: demonstrations by the people to oust President Jovenal Moise and his government, are growing and at points shutting down the country. These crises are repetitive. Night's Lantern carries with respect this excerpt from Èzili Dantò's newsletter:

The puppet president of Haiti, Jovenel Moise and his PM, Henry Ceant are being forced to leave office, again - The COREgroup of internationals ruling Haiti have instigated a bloodbath in retaliation to keep him in office as they did with Michel Martelly. The world's silence is deafening.

Èzili Dantò's Note:
According to all reports, the puppet president of Haiti is being forced to leave office, again. And that has been the situation since February 7, 2019, which marked 33 years since the U.S.-supported Duvalier-dynasty dictatorship officially ended. Last February 7th also marked the second year anniversary of the newest form of U.S.-supported fake democracy. Dictatorship fronted by the trappings of U.S.-style, consultant created democracy, staffed with Michel Martelly's handpicked successor, Jovenel Moise, in office.

Since February 7th, over 50 people are reported killed by government police and its paramilitaries, 227 injured, 519 arrested. These numbers are not verified by the governing authorities whose numbers are much less. But these reported figures by the opposition are just for the Port au Prince area alone. There are also lots of missing people in Haiti.

In Aquin, all prisoners have been released. This will most likely get reproduced elsewhere. The entire country is blocked. Schools are close, businesses are close. The National Palace is, as I write this, surrounded by protestors. Tires are burning, Jovenel Moise is in there with his cabinet and Prime Mister Ceant, according to our reports. The situation is volatile. The police have not been off the streets for four, five days and are tired. The population, including two groups of different Senators, and then the Coalition of Pastors and various other actors in Haitian Civil Society, released statements demanding for Jovenel Moise to go.

We've lived through this situation before. Every time the U.S. puts in a fake Haiti president, his government's entire term is spent managing, disbursing and murdering protestors who insists that their votes and voices must count. Massive protests happened under Michel Martelly whom the Clintons and Obama regime, put in. But historically bigger protests, with even more people on the streets demanding Moise's resignation occurred on July 7-9, 2018, October 17, 2018 and November 18, 2019 [2018].

... Some Haitians we've talked to are positive that: "Jovenel Moise will not stay in office. Too many Haitians are in the streets. Too many Haitians have been killed by his men, weaponized gangs and fake police. Too many businesses are shut down. The country is blocked. We are past the points where Jovenel Moise can stay in office. The US-COREgroup cannot keep him in office further."

But others, like the local economic oligarchs, the CoreGroup of internationals, - the ambassadors from Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, the European Union, the United States of America, the U.N. and OAS special representative along with Haiti's Chamber of Commerce - say they want dialogue not the resignation of their lucrative puppet government.

...I'll say it again: Haiti is between Cuba and Venezuela. The U.S. and other Western Columbus-type destroyers are about stealing resources, labor, organs, sexual wombs, lands, our very souls. They won't let their puppets resign, without more pressure. The bloodbath and death of Haitians are mere fiscal opportunities for them. We've learned from the earthquake, the hurricanes, their decades of white savior violent fake aid, virulent false benevolence and their orchestrated coup d'etats, which give jobs, careers and a big payday for these self-styled, "humanitarians."

Èzili Dantò of HLLN/FreeHaiti, February 12, 2019. For the entire article see!topic/ezilidanto/xKY1g9MfNNs

For some years Èzili Dantò's work presents a Haiti where the vast majority are oppressed, living in extreme poverty and deprived of their birthright by colonial manipulation. Governments such as Bertrand Aristide's which began to seriously represent the interest of the people were replaced by foreign armed force. The colonial war has continued against the Haitian people with disastrous effect as the richness of the country's resources are understood. It is not beyond the understanding of those who study the motivation for genocides to fear that corporate resource developers will attempt to have the people killed off either in mass or through humanitarian 'benevolence'. In 2005 Aristide called the ongoing slaughter of Haiti's poor a "black holocaust". Since 2005 the Haitian poor comprising about 80% of the population as a national group then, have remained under a genocide warning. Amid the extreme poverty enforced by corrupt colonial rule the mismanagement and theft of recovery funds, of humanitarian assistance, of millions donated by North American people to alleviate the suffering of Haitians could be considered as violations of the Convention on Genocide.

Background: , "Èzili Dantò: U.S. Economic Interests in Haiti, Deceit & Pillage".



February 11, 2019

about war in north america

i have nothing new to say about war
and you don't want to hear
fight start be near, it
is a summary of what we already know
wars are crimes allowed for profit
the aggressor is always guilty
sometimes the aggressor isn't around
aggressive countries are known to attack
self to start a war
or trick others to attack
while the rich, in surfeit
like the poor to fight
old men like young women
we know all this

revolution is another matter
all we really know is
there's no play in its line
it happens when it has to
no matter the cost

and genocide is another
the acquisition of goods and power
by destroying an entire element of society
worse than war it is the fulcrum of injustice
a trigger for revolution

wars of liberation are a resolution
the last defence of a group of poor
trying to protect their children their future
while the military economic oppressor
we already know the why and how and when
but not the because

                                      - john bart gerald, river with lights, 2005.



February 9, 2019

      New York City: after a week without electric power, New York's Metropolitan Detention Center, a prison in Brooklyn run by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, regained power the evening of February 3rd. During the outage according to The New York Times city temperature fell to 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Some sources assert that temperatures in the facility fell below freezing. Information derived from the inmates and prison officials is contradictory. The institution made no emergency heating mechanism available. In protest of federal inaction and against the wishes of federal officials New York's Mayor Bill De Blasio sent the prison blankets, hand warmers and generators. I've found no assertions in the press that these were used or made available to prisoners or their detention areas. The lack of appropriate emergency backup for heat, unattended medical conditions, lack of hot food, slowness in restoration of power, the particular threat to lives of prisoners during a midwinter cold spell, the lack of concern or action by federal authorities is a threat against the city's prison population. There may be evidence that this treatment of prisoners was criminal. A substantial portion of the MDC facility's 1600 inmates were those awaiting trial who are legally innocent but can't afford bail. Some were immigrant detainees. Curiously, Dr. Rafil Dhafir, the moral upstate doctor who is serving a 22 year sentence for trying to send medical supplies to the children of Iraq during Sanctions (other charges against him were violations of economic regulations and technicalities) was being held there, although in ill health and just transferred from Federal Medical Center Devens, in Massachusetts.     Partial sources online: "They're Human Beings in There," Garrison Lovely, Feb. 7, 2019, Jacobin; "BOP moves elder Muslim philanthropist from prison medical center to freezing Brooklyn detention center," Feb. 3, 2019, The Nuclear Resister; Part 1 - "Lights Back On at NYC Jail After Hundreds Protest, But Prisoners Still Without Heat in Winter," Feb. 4, 2019, Democracy Now!; Part 2 - "Crisis at Frigid, Dark NYC Prison:'A Choice Was Made Not to Treat People Like Human Beings,'" Feb. 5, 2019, Democracy Now!; "No Heat for Days at a Jail in Brooklyn Where Hundreds of Inmates are Sick and 'Frantic'," Annie Correal, Feb. 1, 2019, The New York Times.


      Quebec City: previously mentioned in these pages, the mass murder January 29, 2017 which took the lives of six Muslim men has resolved for now with the sentencing of Alexandre Bissonnette to life in prison and parole possible after forty years. Bissonnette pleaded guilty to the crime. His sole responsibility as the shooter is a point made by the prosecution, defence, judge, and media. Background: 1   2   3   4   5.     Partial sources online: "Quebec City mosque shooter sentenced to at least 40 years in prison," Julia Page, Feb 8, 2019, CBC News; "Quebec City mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonnette sentenced to life with no parole for 40 years," Morgan Lowrie (The Canadian Press), Feb. 8, 2019, The Star.



January 31, 2019     Previous entry of January 27, 2019, as a .pdf file: "A note on the Crime against Venezuela."
                           "Nota sobre o crime contra a Venezuela" (Portuguès Galego) [added Feb. 6, 2019].


January 27, 2019


To clarify the importance of the January 23rd coup attempt in Venezuela we remember that ever since WWII the customary motivation for violations of the Convention on Genocide has been to gain a region's natural resources. For example Iraq, Libya, Syria, Haiti, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Guatemala, and others. The people of resource-rich areas are forced into flight, exile, refuge elsewhere, or are attacked by disease, or starvation, or directly murdered by military programs, or divided internally into civil wars assuring the death of multitudes. Damages are inter-generational with the effects of depleted uranium weaponry or mining waste; the survivors of one generation lose their children in the next. The effect of destroying a habitat is the destruction of a people with legal historical claim to the land and its natural resources. If these people are eradicated, resource development proceeds without impediment or any benefit or payment to the rightful owners. Night's Lantern places an implicit warning for peoples inhabiting or able to make legal claim to resource-rich territory. Venezuela possesses about a quarter of the earth's oil resources. The corporate battle for profits is understood to be criminal. The U.S. has made a point of withdrawing from the International Criminal Court and attempting to destroy international law. Since there is strong evidence that Venezuela is threatened with a takeover by corporate interests, represented by U.S. policy, the people of Venezuela are now under a genocide warning.

A summary of the current coup attempt: on January 23rd, Juan Guaidó, leader of the right wing National Assembly declared himself the President of Venezuela. During the presidency of Hugo Chavez, and despite the failure of the first U.S. attempted coup against him, and then after the curious death of Chavez, and after the presidency was assumed by Chavez's and the people's chosen successor, Nicolás Maduro, the U.S. has continually and heavily funded the country's political opposition. Guaidó's counter-democratic declaration was endorsed immediately by Brazil, the U.S. and Canada in an attempt to overthrow a democratically elected government. Juan Guaidó's platform if allowed to rule, would include returning nationalized companies to their previous owners. The U.S. Vice president's call-out to the Venezuelan people to rise up and embrace Guaidó as their President, failed. Of the Americas, governments installed by the U.S. have supported the U.S. position. Countries of the Americas controlled by right wing middle classes at the service of corporate policies and wealth, also support the U.S. position. Western media explain 'a need for change' rising from the country's 'humanitarian crisis,' which on examination is an economic crisis rising from very low prices of oil - and then the debilitating U.S.-initiated sanctions to sideline Venezuela's attempts at economic recovery. As the largest holder of oil resources in the world Venezuela's political and economic difficulties are consistently traced to foreign corporate interests. The European Union has demanded new elections in an attempt to discredit President Maduro's victory at the polls last May and his re-installation as President on January 10th. Cuba has shifted 2500 of its health providers from its mission to the poor in what has become fascist Brazil, to Venezuela. Venezuela's alliances with Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, Mexico, among others, remain. Within Venezuela, the government and its supporters including all branches of the military have remained loyal to the country's Constitution and Nicolás Maduro as the elected President. The U.S.-Brazil-Canada axis attempt to effect its choice of rulers for another country has risked tripping these as aggressors and Venezuela, into war. As noted at the mourning for Hugo Chavez whose illness many believe was the result of an assassination, "Chávez vive, la lucha sigue!".



January 21, 2019     Côte d’Ivoire     Manitoba     Saskatchewan     British Columbia

      Côte d’Ivoire: Previous. Former President Laurent Gbagbo was acquitted of all charges (crimes against humanity) against him at International Criminal Court January 15, 2019. His co-defendant Charles Blé Goudé, former Youth Minister, was acquitted as well. In Côte d’Ivoire Laurent Gbagbo's wife Simone Gbagbo serving 20 years in-country for violences following the 2010 elections was given amnesty by Alassane Outarra who replaced Gbagbo as President through the use of force and French Troops. In the humiliation of leaders which seems to be a signature of Euro-American takeovers in African countries (one remembers the 2011 replacement of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya), at arrest April 11, 2011, Gbago's face was bruised and swollen, his son bleeding and beaten and his wife allegedly a victim of attempted rape by the troops who entered their bedroom. Outarra, supported by the World Bank, the U.S. where he received portions of his education, and France, attempted to use the World Court as a victor's court and have Gbago assume responsibility for the violences of armed struggle which brought Outarra to power. An Ivorian court has cleared the former first lady of crimes against humanity and war crimes rising from post 2011 election violence. While the Western media backed Outarra's bid for the presidency, the Supreme Court of Côte d’Ivoire had found Gbagbo the legitimate winner of the 2010 elections which is why he was overthrown by force of arms.     Partial sources online: "Ivory Coast ex-first lady Simone Gbagbo granted amnesty," Aug. 7, 2018, BBC News; "Ivory Coast's Gbagbo cleared of war crimes, may return to politics," Stephanie van den Berg, Ange Aboa, Jan. 15, 2019, Reuters; "Cote d’Ivoire: Acquittal of Gbagbo and Blé Goudé a crushing disappointment to victims of post-election violence," January 15, 2019, Amnesty International


      Winnipeg Manitoba: on January 17th at Winnipeg’s St. Boniface Hospital, a two day old infant was taken from her Indigenous mother despite the mother's and the baby's family's protests. The child was placed in a child carry seat by police and removed under the authority of the Winnipeg Child and Family Services despite the mother's claims that a member of her family was ready to assume guardianship. Under current law the authorities were allowed to take the child because someone said the mother was drunk when she went to the hospital to give birth. The mother and family's acquiescence, though unwilling, may be attributed to the frequency of taking away Indigenous children at birth. If provably a practice federal or international court could recognize the act as a violation of the Convention on Genocide Article II, e. Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group..     Partial sources online: "‘Blindsided:’ Manitoba officials seize newborn from mother in hospital," Ashley Brandson, APTN News Jan.12, 2019, National News [access:< >]; "First Nations family 'blindsided' by how child services takes newborn from mom, posts video to call for change," Sarah Petz, Jan.11, 2019, CBC News.


      Saskatoon Saskatchewan: Previous. According to RT Canadian Senator Yvonne Blyer has claimed that Indigenous women are suffering tubal ligation across Canada, particularly in Saskatoon, and has requested an investigation. A previous report by Dr. Yvonne Boyer & Dr. Judith Bartlett deals in depth with the issue in Saskatoon, noting that "Most of the women did not understand that tubal ligation was permanent, thinking it was a form of birth control that could be reversed in the future." Genocide warning. According to The Washington Post due to coerced or forced sterilizations as many as 62 Indigenous women are currently engaged in a suit against Canada, Saskatchewan, the Saskatoon Health Region, and various medical professionals.     Partial sources online: "Indigenous Canadian women still being forcibly sterilized, claims senator," Nov. 12, 2018,; "External Review: Tubal Ligation in the Saskatoon Health Region: The Lived Experience of Aboriginal Women," Dr. Yvonne Boyer & Dr. Judith Bartlett, July 22, 2017, Discharge Abstract Database (DAD); "End forced sterilizations of Indigenous women in Canada," Nickita Longman, Dec. 4, 2018 The Washington Post.


      British Columbia: on January 15th, at the Supreme Court of British Columbia, two First Nations have claimed that three hydro electric projects, the Site C Dam, the Bennett Dam and Peace Canyon Dam, infringe on their rights. The dams would flood traditional territory belonging to the West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations. Their injunction against construction of the Site C dam is to be reviewed. They request the Site C Dam approval by Federal and Provincial governments, which has overtly infringed on Indigenous rights, be overturned. The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has ordered the construction of the Site C. Dam be stopped until "free and informed consent" of the Indigenous people is assured and expects response by April 8th (see previous). One First Nations perspective is that the government is proceeding with cultural genocide. The government previously ignored a reporting deadline last August 2018, and the government's continuing delay shows bad faith.     Partial sources online: "First Nations File Civil Action Against Site C, Citing Treaty 8 Infringement," Carol Linnett, Jan. 16, 2018, Narwhal; "United Nations instructs Canada to suspend Site C dam construction over Indigenous rights violations," Sarah Cox, Jan. 9, 2019, The Narwhal.



January 12, 2019

      U.S.: "Updates: some U.S. political prisoners January 2019," by J. B. Gerald  


      Canada: Update. Mahmoud Jaballah, a refugee in Canada was detained in 1999 under a Canadian Security Certificate, a mechanism which placed him in prison under threat of deportation. The government's security agency alleged he was a member of an organization linked to Al-Qaeda. The evidence was dismissed by a judge as unreasonable. The government tried again in 2001 with additional secret evidence. In 2007 the Supreme Court found the secret security certificate process too unjust and demanded cosmetic additional legal procedure be added to it, so a third security certificate was applied to Mahmoud Jaballah in 2008. In May 2016 Federal Court Judge Dolores Hansen found "I conclude that the security certificate filed by the minister is not reasonable and will be set aside." The Federal Appeals Court supported her decision. On November 28, 2018 Mahmoud Jaballah filed a suit at the Ontario Superior Court asking for 37.4 million dollars to cover the damages to his wife, himself and their six children, not only for ruining his life and his suffering in prison but for the continual threat of deportation and the effects of all this on his family.     Partial sources online: "Court finds designation of Egyptian man as security threat unreasonable," The Canadian Press, May 24, 2016, MacLeans; "After 17-year deportation fight over alleged terrorism ties, Toronto man sues federal government for $34M," Brian Platt, Jan. 4, 2019, National Post.


January 4, 2019

      Canada: "Updates: some Canadian political prisoners January 2019," by J. B. Gerald





2018 suppressed news



A branch that comes from violence will not take root;
for a blighted root is on sheer rock, like reeds by the
banks of a river, which are dried up before any grass; but
kindness, like eternity, will never be cut off, and faithfulness
will be established forever
- from Ben Sira
(Dead Sea Scrolls Bible, Abegg et al)


This account is against forgetfulness. 







by john bart gerald
graphics by julie maas
guest contributions as noted
March 4, 2019